How to Fix Screen Flickering on Poco M3 Pro

Can’t see what is on the screen clearly with your smartphone? Do you have a screen flickering on Poco M3 Pro? Check our recommendations on how to dwell this problem properly as you read further. 

Screen issues are commonly caused by faulty hardware. A bad screen LCD may often lead to screen flickers on the Poco M3 Pro. If the phone has been dropped or experienced physical stress prior to getting a screen flickering problem, you will need to visit the service center in your area for further assistance. 

But if the issue suddenly appears even without physical intervention, then I have prepared some solutions that should help in addressing the problem should it be caused by software bugs. Feel free to follow the steps provided below and fix the screen flickering on Poco M3 Pro. 

Steps to Fix Poco M3 Pro with Screen Flickering: 

  1. Restart the Poco M3 Pro. 

Rebooting the smartphone is the first thing to consider once issues, like screen flickering, show up. This procedure may sound basic, but it cures a lot of smartphone problems throughout time. 

To turn off your phone, just press and hold the Power button until you see the power options. Select Turn off. If you have turned it off for at least 10 seconds, press and hold the power button again to turn the device on. You can also select the Reboot option to automatically restart the phone. 

Once it has restarted completely, check out the screen if the flickering problem persists. 

  1. Turn Off Automatic Brightness on Poco M3 Pro. 
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Full screen brightness may also cause screen flickers at times. If you have set the automatic brightness and are using the phone in broad daylight, the screen brightness will also adjust to the maximum level. It may cause the screen to flicker if that is being used for an extended period. 

To ensure that automatic brightness is not the main culprit on why the screen on the Poco M3 Pro flickers, try to turn off the feature. To do that, just go to Settings > Display. Select Brightness Level and tap the toggle switch beside Automatic brightness to turn it off. 

After turning off the automatic brightness, set the brightness level to a lower number by dragging the blue bar to the left. After that, monitor your phone if it still flickers or displays relevant symptoms. 

  1. Turn on Anti-flicker Mode on Poco M3 Pro. 
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The Poco M3 Pro comes with a DC dimming feature that helps in preventing extensive flickering of the screen. It also helps in reducing eye strain while using the phone. However, it may affect the image quality that the phone produces. This feature is best when using the device in low light conditions. 

To turn on the anti-flicker feature, head to Settings > Display. Tap on Anti-flicker mode. Select Anti-Flicker. Check and monitor the screen flickering on Poco M3 Pro if it has been resolved. 

  1. Activate Dark Mode on Poco M3 Pro. 
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Dark mode feature allows the device screen to limit the light being emitted by the screen. It is best to cure screen flickers as the background uses darker color schemes. Give this a shot and check if it could help alleviate the screen problem on your Poco M3 Pro. 

To activate the dark mode feature, just go to Settings > Display. Tap on the Dark mode option. You also have the option to schedule the dark mode to turn on and turn off automatically. Then check if it is able to resolve the screen flickering issue on your Poco M3 Pro. 

  1. Factory Reset the Poco M3 Pro. 
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Stubborn software glitches could also be the main cause of why the screen of the Poco M3 Pro is flickering. This is the reason why you might need to delete everything on the phone to remove those culprits. 

Creating backups either through your MI account or on a laptop/computer is recommended prior to erasing all contents on the device. After that, if you are ready to perform a factory reset, just go to Settings > About phone. Select Factory reset. Tap on Erase all data at the bottom part of the screen. Enter password/PIN when prompted. Then, select Factory reset to confirm the action. 

Check the phone’s screen if it still flickers after the factory reset. 

Still Seeing the Screen Flickering on Poco M3 Pro

If the screen flickering on Poco M3 Pro still manifests up to this point, then it is time to contact the real deal. Visit the nearest authorized service center in your area and have the device checked by an official Poco technician. This problem might be in the screen’s hardware department already. 

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