How to Fix Poco M3 Pro That Keeps Freezing After An Update

Software update is designed to fix current phone issues and enhance the handset’s overall performance. But for some reasons, there are instances that users will be introduced to another complication after an update. In this troubleshooting guide, we will teach you how to fix Poco M3 Pro that keeps freezing after an update. 

If you have a Poco M3 Pro that keeps on freezing after a software update, this must be a good read for you. Carefully read and follow the instructions to be guided.

How to Fix Poco M3 Pro that Keeps Freezing after An Update

  1. Reboot Poco M3 Pro. Doing so will dump cached data stored in your phone’s memory as well as force close running background apps. These running apps can become faulty which may trigger the phone to keep on freezing. Thus, slower the overall performance of the device even after updating its software to the latest version. Press and hold the Power button and release when the menu options appear. Then tap Reboot.
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  1. Free Up your memory storage. Software update will accumulate your phone’s memory storage. Most often, a phone that is running out of memory space will start to freeze and get stuck. Though the problem started after installing the software update, it is still possible that the underlying cause is your phone having insufficient storage. To verify, go to About phone > Storage. If needed, delete unwanted files like images and videos. You can also uninstall or force stop unused apps. 
  1. Clear App Cache. This solution is applicable if the problem occurs while using the app. It’s either the app becomes corrupted after the update or becomes buggy because of its stacked cache. It is also possible that the app is out-dated. Therefore, its current version isn’t compatible with the phone’s recently installed software version. Simply go to Apps > Apps Manager. Then select the faulty app. Tap Clear Data. If needed, update the app to its latest version.
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  1. Factory Reset Poco M3 Pro. If none of the above-mentioned tweaks fixes the freezing issue on your device, restore the phone to its factory default settings. Make sure to back up your important files via computer or MI account as factory reset will delete everything saved in your phone memory. Tough bugs and random software glitches that caused the phone to freeze should also be eliminated after the entire process. Go to Settings > About phone > Factory reset. Finally, tap Erase all data.

If the freezing issue still persists after exhausting all the potential solutions provided above, you may need to contact Poco Help Support for further assistance and recommendation. You can also take your Poco M3 Pro to the nearest repair shop for assessment. The problem might be due to a faulty hardware component that needs to be repaired by an authorized technician.

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