How To Fix Poco M3 Pro Showing “System UI Stopped” Error

If you have a Poco M3 Pro showing “System UI Stopped” error, we will teach you how to get rid of this issue and know where the problem lies. Read on.

Poco M3 Pro is an affordable phone but with ample features to showcase. It is known for its speedy mobile network connectivity that offers 5G access. This smartphone runs with MIUI 12 on Android 11. Though abundant with remarkable features, Poco M3 Pro is also inevitable to glitches. Just recently, numbers of M3 Pro have reported about getting “system UI stopped” error in their respective handset. It is believed that this error is triggered by a buggy third-party app, an error in Google Play update, or a random software bug.  

If you are among these displeased users having this particular issue, for whatever the underlying cause is, we have listed potential solutions to fix the problem. Scroll down.

How To Fix Poco M3 Pro Showing “System UI Stopped” Error

  1. Restart your Poco M3 Pro. A simple phone restart should fix the problem especially if the main trigger is a minor software glitch. Press and hold the Power button and release when the menu appears. Then check if the error message “system UI stopped” has been eliminated.
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  1. Uninstall Google App Updates to get rid of “System UI Stopped” error message. If the underlying cause is due to Google App Updates, this tweak should fix the problem. From Settings, to go Apps > Manage Apps > Google Play Store. Then tap Uninstall updates. Don’t forget to restart your device afterwards and check if the error has been fixed. We also recommend disabling auto-update on your device to avoid getting the same error message again in the future.
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  1. Reset App Preference. This will turn off the apps notifications, restrictions, and other app settings modification that may have caused the problem to emerge. The process won’t delete any installed apps nor remove any app data. To get started, go to Settings > Apps > App Info > Manage Apps > Menu button (three dots at the upper corner)> Reset app preferences. Follow the onscreen prompts to confirm. Then reboot your phone.
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  1. Boot the phone Safe Mode. Safe Mode will only allow stock apps to run, leaving third-party apps disabled. If the error message does not pop up while the phone is on Safe Mode, one of the third-party apps is the main culprit. Press and hold the Power button until a different Power option appears. Continue holding the Power button and release when prompted with an option to restart the phone in Safe Mode. Tap OK to confirm. While the phone is already in Safe Mode, check for the problem. If this fixes the problem, find the faulty third-party app, force close and clear its data. All if it is no longer in  use, have it uninstalled.
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  1. Factory reset Poco M3 Pro. If the problem is still unfixed, restore the phone to its original settings. The process should be able to eliminate erratic settings configuration and even tough bugs that could have been affecting your phone system. Thus, prompting you with the error message. Make sure to back up your important files beforehand. Then go to Settings > About phone > Factory reset > Erase all data.
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After the factory reset, set up the phone as new again. Then check if the error “system UI stopped” is no longer showing on the screen. 

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And that is all about fixing Poco M3 Pro showing “System UI stopped” error. I hope we were able to help you one way or another. You can also share this post to someone who is also getting the same error message on their Poco handset. 

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