How to Fix Facebook Partner Monetization Policies Violation

Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies ensure pages comply with their guidelines for monetization. If you face a PMP violation, it prevents you from earning money on Facebook. Follow these steps to get the violation removed and start monetizing again.

Method 1: Remove Unoriginal/Duplicate Content

  1. Go through all your previous posts (photos, videos, reels) and remove any content that is not 100% original and created by you.
  2. Delete repurposed, reused or duplicated content from other sources.
  3. Ensure all videos/reels have no copyrighted music or content.
  4. Start posting only fresh, original content created by you for at least 7-10 days consistently.
  5. After this period, you can request a review to get the PMP violation removed.

Method 2: Do Live Streams

  1. Remove all photos, videos, reels from your page temporarily.
  2. Go live on your page daily for 7-10 days with your face clearly visible.
  3. Avoid playing any copyrighted music during the live streams.
  4. You can do activities like gaming livestreams (with no copyrighted content).
  5. After the live streaming period, request a review for PMP violation removal.

Method 3: Change Page Category and Request Review

  1. Remove all content (photos, videos, reels) from your page.
  2. Change the page category to something different temporarily.
  3. Click on the “Page Unpublished” notification and disagree with it.
  4. You should get an email confirming your page is published again.
  5. Now you can request a review for the PMP violation removal.

Method 4: Delete Flagged Admin

  1. Identify which admin uploaded the content that got flagged for PMP violation.
  2. Remove that admin from your page.
  3. Add a new, fresh admin to the page.
  4. The new admin should start posting original face cam videos/live streams for 7 days.
  5. After a week, you can request a review for the PMP violation.

Be patient and consistent in following Facebook’s guidelines. Ensure all your content is completely original moving forward to avoid such violations.

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