How To Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working

The Apple TV is one of the popular home entertainment devices that can be found in a living room. This is a compact digital media player which can connect to various streaming sources via Wi-Fi and stream the content to a TV with an HDMI port. Consumers can control what content they can view on the TV using the included remote control.

The Remote included in every package of Apple TV is quite sturdy and is of the best quality however there are instances when it will fail to work properly. This is what we will be addressing today.

How To Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working

Charge the Remote

The most common reason why a remote fails to work is because its batteries have run out of charge. Charge your Apple TV Remote for at least 30 minutes using the Lightning to USB cable connected to a wall charger. Once this is done check if it now works.

Make sure there is no obstruction between the Apple TV and Remote

The remote uses an IR technology which is dependent on direct line of sight link. This means that if there is any obstruction between the path of the remote and the Apple TV then there will be no communication possible.

Reset The Remote and Apple TV Connection

Sometimes the problem can be caused by a broken link between the Apple TV and the remote. To check if this is what’s causing the problem then you will have to reset the connection of both devices.

  • Unplug your Apple TV from the power. Wait for at least six seconds then plug it back in
  • Try your remote again
  • If you are using the Siri Remote, you can reset it by simultaneously pressing the Menu and Volume Up buttons. This action resets your remote and put it back into pairing mode.

Pair the Remote and Apple TV again

If you are using the Siri remote

  • Point the Remote about three inches away from your Apple TV
  • Press and hold your remote’s Menu and Volume Up buttons for five seconds
  • If asked, place your remote on top of Apple TV to complete pairing

If you are using the Aluminum or white Remote

  • On the Remote hold down both the Menu and Right buttons for six second
  • On the TV screen, look for a link symbol just above the icon for the remote
  • When you press the Apple TV remote, check the response of the light on the Apple TV unit. If it flashes three times in succession that means that you already paired the remote to the TV with a different remote.

Use The Apple Tv Remote App On Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

If you own a device running on at least iOS 12 and own the Apple TV 4th generation then you can try downloading the Remote app from the App Store then check if it works. If it does then you have just isolated the problem which seems to be with the Remote itself. You should contact Apple Support for further troubleshooting of the Remote or if you have the model with a replaceable battery then I suggest that you do it.


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