How to Fix a Poco M3 Pro That Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi

Having a Poco M3 Pro that cannot connect to Wi-Fi? Check out our recommendations on how to fix this connectivity issue. Feel free to follow the procedures provided below. Just read further. 

There are few factors that could affect why a smartphone, like the Poco M3 Pro, would not be able to connect to a WiFi network. One of the common reasons is entering an incorrect password. If this is the first that you are connecting to a Wi-Fi network, make sure that you have entered the correct password. 

Another thing to consider is the network availability. There are instances that the device would have a hard time connecting to a Wi-Fi network if there is ongoing system maintenance with the Internet Service Provider’s end. Make sure to call your internet provider and check for any downtime. 

Hardware malfunction could also occur and may affect the Wi-Fi connectivity. To ensure that this is not the main culprit, try to restart the modem/router. You simply turn it off or unplug it from the power outlet. 

If the issue persists after checking those things, then it is time to troubleshoot your Poco M3 Pro. There might be some system disturbance that may have been causing the issue. The solutions provided below are intended to rectify connectivity-related problems that may have been causing a Poco M3 Pro that cannot connect to Wi-Fi. 

Fix Poco M3 Pro That Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi: 

  1. Restart your Poco M3 Pro. 
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A simple restart may just do the trick in resolving the problem. A reset often clears and resolves system glitches, including, but not limited to the Wi-Fi errors. There are times that when the system on the smartphone experiences a glitch, it may resolve errors such as unable to connect to the Wi-Fi. Restarting the device will help in refreshing the system and may resolve this issue right away. 

To restart your smartphone, just press and hold the Power button until you see the power options. Select Reboot and allow your device to complete the process. Once done, check if the WiFi functions have been restored and you can now connect to a Wi-Fi network. 

  1. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode on Poco M3 Pro. 
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As we use the smartphone, it is inevitable that the software handling Wi-Fi connections would experience a glitch. This may eventually lead to Wi-Fi errors or being unable to connect to Wi-Fi. A very simple solution, called airplane mode might just do you a favor. 

Enabling Airplane mode on the Poco M3 Pro allows a complete disconnection with the radio transmissions on the device. This means that glitches surrounding Wi-Fi connectivity could be eradicated and might resolve the Poco M3 Pro that cannot connect to Wi-Fi. 

To enable the airplane mode, just go to Settings > Connection & sharing. Then toggle the switch beside Aeroplane mode. You can also access the control centre by swiping down at the upper-right corner of the screen, then tap the airplane icon. You can also access Aeroplane mode by pressing and holding the power key. 

  1. Forget the Saved Wi-Fi Networks.
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You might have been using different Wi-Fi networks to connect with your Poco M3 Pro smartphone. Once you connect to a Wi-Fi network, they are saved on the device. However, they could go rogue or erratic and may cause conflicts with the Wi-Fi connection. 

If you are not using some of these saved Wi-Fi networks, it might be good to remove them on your device. To forget the saved Wi-Fi networks on your Poco M3 Pro, just go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Tap on Additional Settings. Select Manage saved networks. Tap on the name of the Wi-Fi network and select Forget network

  1. Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile networks and Bluetooth on Poco M3 Pro.

Some manually configured settings could be misconfigured and those may result in a Poco M3 Pro that cannot connect to Wi-Fi. To rule this out, performing a reset network settings might help as it will revert those configurations to their default values and options, without deleting your personal information. 

Just go to Settings > Connection & sharing. Scroll to and select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth. Tap on Reset settings and enter password/PIN when prompted. Tap on Next. Select OK on the prompt and wait for the phone to complete the process. 

  1. Factory Reset the Poco M3 Pro. 
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Your last resort if all else fails is to wipe all data on the Poco M3 Pro. This Wi-Fi connectivity problem might be caused by a major software malfunction. Erasing all contents on your device is necessary after trying those methods above and nothing worked. 

Before you factory reset your Poco M3 Pro, make sure to create a backup on a computer or using your existing Mi Account (if you have one). If you are ready to perform a factory reset, just go to Settings > About phone. Select Factory reset. Tap on Erase all data at the bottom part of the screen. Enter password/PIN when prompted. Then, select Factory reset to confirm the action. 

Set up your phone again after the factory reset. Then check if it is able to connect to the Wi-Fi this time. 

Still Getting a Poco M3 Pro That Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi?

If the Poco M3 Pro is still having a hard time connecting to a Wi-Fi network up to this point, then it is time to consult with Poco support. The problem might be due to a hardware malfunction that is preventing the Wi-Fi from connecting successfully. 

Just provide them the complete information with the things that you have performed for easier and faster transactions. You can visit their physical hub or support centers. If that is not possible, you can also contact them through their social media platforms and official website. 

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