How to Change Carrier on Galaxy A20

When switching to a different network service provider, mobile network selection on your device might not update automatically. Hence, a manual selection is necessary. Note that you can only manually change network on your device if the phone is unlocked and compatible with the new network provider you have switched to.

In this tutorial guide, we will teach you how to change carrier on Galaxy A20. If you find this guide relevant, continue reading this post.

How to Change Carrier on Galaxy A20

After swiping up from the Home screen, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
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  1. Select Connections.
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  1. Scroll to Mobile Networks option.
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  1. Tap Network operators.
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  1. Toggle off the switch next to Select Automatically if it is enabled and tap Select manually. This is for the phone to scan all available networks.
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  1. Then select your network provider from the list.

Once you have changed the carrier on your Samsung Galaxy A20, you will be able to get a signal from the network’s tower. If the phone is still showing no mobile service available or not showing any signal bars, you might need to reboot your phone to refresh its settings. Once it is back on, check if the service is already available. If mobile service is still unavailable, you may contact your network service provider to check the status of your account, verify the compatibility of your device, and be able to activate the phone via OTA. 

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And that’s how you change carrier on your Galaxy A20. I hope that this post helps you one way or another. Please help us spread the news by sharing this post to your friends or relatives. You can also visit our YouTube channel. We regularly post helpful video tutorials and troubleshooting guides for smartphones. Thank you for reading!

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