How to Add Fingerprint on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

Adding an additional layer of security is crucial for smartphones. This ensures that your vital information is more protected and will provide less worries about identity theft. Good thing is that you can add fingerprint on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite. Read further. 

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner, a new technology that allows you to press your fingers on the screen and it will be recognized by the phone. This is a cool and great security feature on the device, as it offers a more secure way to lock and unlock the smartphone.

Fingerprint feature on your Mi Note 10 Lite smartphone will allow you to unlock the device on the lock screen, use it for app lock to some supported apps and a lot more. Learn how you can do that by following the steps below. 

Add Fingerprint on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite: 

  1. Access Settings. Just go to and tap the Settings app on your phone. 
  1. Go to and tap on Password & security. 
  1. Select Fingerprint unlock. Enter password if prompted.
  1. Select Add fingerprint. Enter password if prompted.
  1. Tap on Got it when a message displays on the screen. 
  1. Start placing your fingerprint on the Fingerprint scanner. You may start enrolling your thumb or the finger that is most comfortable for you to use. 
  1. Keep on pressing the Fingerprint scanner. You will be asked to lift  your finger once you feel a vibration. Repeat this process until the whole fingerprint has been registered. 
  1. You should see a message indicating that the registration is done. You are now good to use your fingerprint to unlock your device. 

The fingerprint feature on your Mi Note 10 Lite could be a miss or hit. It will depend on different factors, such as dust and dirt on the screen or on your fingers itself. Make sure that both the scanner screen and your fingers are clean prior to pressing the fingerprint to unlock. 

Also, please be reminded that your device will still ask for the password or screen passcode every 72 hours. You will need to enter it before you can use the fingerprint feature to unlock the device. 

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