How To Fix GoPro 11 That Won’t Turn On

There have been reports from GoPro 11 users experiencing issues with the device such as not turning on. As much as GoPro tries to make their devices free from problems and issues, there are technical problems that cannot be avoided and can happen anytime. It can be a very frustrating experience but lucky for you there are potential fixes listed in this article that you do to make your GoPRo 11 camera to turn on.

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Fix GoPro 11 That Won’t Turn On

There are several reasons why GoPro won’t turn on but the most common reason is due to its battery. It is highly possible that GoPro is using a dead battery. or just a faulty battery. Other reasons include issues with the SD card, faulty charging cable, certain weather conditions, and due to water damage. Most Gopro models features a removable battery and for battery related issues and fixes, it’s a good thing that the battery can be removed in case it needs troubleshooting.

We will explain further that reasons why Gopro 11 won’t turn on and how to fix each problem.

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Make sure battery is sufficiently charged

An obvious reason why a gopro device won’t turn simply because of a drained battery level. Gopro will not turn on of the battery inserted is drained completely, as in battery level is at 0%. To fix a dead battery, simply charge your gopro.

To determine if the camera’s battery is charging, it will indicate a red LED light. If not, use another charger. If 10 minutes charging time has elapsed, turn on camera and check if camera now turns on.

If no red LED light appears but you see a blue flashing light instead, this simply means that its wireless feature is working and has been turned on indicating that the gopro camera has power. But, unfortunately it could also means that gopro 11’s screen won’t turn on. If this is the case, you can reset the camera. Resetting is done by pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds.

If the gopro device will not turn on, then move on to the next solution.

Check if battery is faulty

If the battery you are using on your Gopro 11 is faulty, it is likely possible to be the cause why the gopro won’t turn on. It can either be a damaged battery or sometimes it was not correctly inserted to the battery slot.

To determine if gopro’s battery is faulty, you can simply remove the battery and then plug in the charging cable usb port connected to a power source. While battery is removed, hold the power button of the device for about 10 seconds. If the battery is power empty or faulty, the camera will turn on. However, if camera will not turn on after performing the steps repeat the same procedure using a different power cable.

To fix a faulty battery:

  • Remove the battery from Gopro. After about 5 seconds, reinsert the battery correctly. Check if camera will now turn on.
  • Next, if the camera still won’t turn on use a spare battery. Preferably a new one.

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Battery Connection issues

Aside from the battery level, another possible reason is due to a bad battery connection. Most of the time, grease and dirt can accumulate on the battery’s metal plates and blocks the connection.

Try cleaning the battery’s metal plates with a dry cloth. Removing dirt from the battery’s metal plates could fix not turning on problem with your gopro 11 camera. After cleaning, reinsert the external batteries again and try turning on the camera.

Check the SD card

If the SD card is not correctly inserted to the camera’s SD card slot, it may be the cause why gopro cameras will not turn on. Although Microsd card rarely cause the camera’s issue of not turning on though it is possible.

Simple fix is to remove Microsd card from SD card slot and then reinsert it back again.

Check Power button

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Another possibility why Gopro 11 camera will not turn on because the power button needs cleaning as dirt and grease may have lodged. When that happens, powering gopro device on will be difficult. To check the button, have a professional technician do it for you since the camera will be disassembled requiring professionals for it.

Issues after an update

If the gopro camera did not turn on after a recent update, there could be a glitch on the update process or the camera was updated incorrectly. That is, if the gopro camera was still functioning well before the update and later on will not turn on after an update.

Try the following steps below to fix it:

  1. Go to gopro update website using your browser.
  2. Download the product update to your computer.
  3. Copy the update files to gopro camera SD card.
  4. Insert SD card correctly on the camera’s SD card slot.
  5. Press and hold the shutter button on gopro. Wait till camera powers on.
  6. When camera turns on, update will automatically starts. Wait for the update process to complete.

Reset GoPro Camera

If after performing the solutions mentioned above and gopro won’t turn issue still persists, you may need to reset the camera at this point in time. Resetting is an effective solution that fixes not just issues with the battery but other issues that you might encounter with your GoPro.

Resetting erases saved settings and restores default settings. This means that after a reset process is done, you will need to set up again your camera. But keep in mind that resetting does not make changes to the firmware nor will it wipe the SD card.

Different ways to reset the camera. Since the issue is the camera not turning on, there is no way you can reset the camera. Fortunately, there are still other ways that you can reset the camera.

  1. Make sure all accessories (if there are any) are removed from the camera. Accessories such as external batteries or external microphones.
  2. Check whether the battery is inserted correctly or the camera is connected to an external power source through the USB cable.
  3. Reset by simply pressing and holding down the power button for 10 seconds before releasing.

Contact GoPro Support

If you’ve exhausted all possible solutions to fix Gopro 11 not turning on and the problem still persists, you may contact an authorized gopro and have a professional technician take at look at the camera. They might have more solutions to fix it aside from having to bring the camera to the service center for repair.

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