Google Stadia controller now individually up for sale on the Google Store

Preciously, the Google Stadia controller could only be purchased if you bought the Founder’s Edition, but now, Google is letting consumers pick up the Stadia controller as an individual product.

Just like the Founder’s Edition, the Google Stadia controller will ship out to buyers later this year in November.

Colors available are Clearly White, Just Black, and Wasabi. Night Blue is reserved for those that purchase the Founder’s Edition of Google Stadia, as a sort of “selling point” for the more expensive bundle.

It’s worth noting that picking up a Google Stadia controller alone isn’t going to give you access to the Google Stadia platform — you’ll need to have the Founder’s Edition or at least a Buddy Pass first.

That said, selling the Google Stadia individually is more for those who need an extra or a replacement.

source: Google Store

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