Gmail Not Syncing On Samsung Galaxy S4 [Troubleshooting Guide]

There were quite a lot of emails we received complaining about Google apps suddenly stop or crash. Considering these apps come pre-installed with the operating system and are very light, it is alarming to know that powerful smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 are still being haunted by the problem. Aside from the Play Store, the Gmail app is among the one often reported to be misbehaving. The common complaint is that it ceases to sync.

You would know if the Gmail app is not working the way it should if you’ll encounter the following problems:

  • “Account not synced” error.
  • Can’t receive or send new email messages.
  • Your inbox is not updating.
  • Not receiving notifications for new messages.
  • Mail is stuck in the outbox.


Now, here are the things you need to do to diagnose and hopefully fix the problem.

#1. Check Internet Connection. The Gmail app needs an active internet connection to fetch new messages. You can either use Wi-Fi or mobile data. So check if any of these two is enabled and  is receiving data, otherwise you couldn’t solve the problem.

#2. Turn Sync On. If the app is not synced, it is expected the inbox will not be updated with new messages. Check if the account you’ve setup with your Galaxy S4 was set to sync. You can turn it on and off many times to see if it’s working.

#3. Gmail Sync Must Be On. You have to check if the account(s) you have setup with the Gmail app is allowed to sync. Launch the app, then tap Menu, choose Settings, choose an account, and make sure Sync Gmail is checked.

#4. Delete Messages With Large Attachments. This procedure is applicable only when the Gmail app is stuck on the outbox. Touch and hold the message you want deleted and choose Delete from the pop up menu.

#5. Check The Phone’s Storage. To keep the phone from running out of space, the Gmail app was programmed to stop syncing when there is not enough storage left. So, check Storage of your phone and if necessary, uninstall unused apps especially games, which take a lot of memory.

#6. Check Google Account Credentials. Perhaps you did change your password but forgot to change credentials you entered to Gmail. Double check your username and password and see if that solves the problem. You can do so by logging into your Gmail account through a browser or through your computer.

#7. Force Close Gmail, Restart. Going through the Application Manager, open up Gmail Settings then tap the Force Close button to stop its service. After doing so, reboot your phone. Don’t worry, the app will be brought to life once the phone has restarted. This step is also a preparation for the next step.

#8. Clear Cache & Data. If all the steps previously mentioned don’t work, clearing Gmail data and cache may help solve the problem. But please note that this procedure will delete all messages you have possibly downloaded and read before.

#9. Reinstall Gmail. After clearing the app’s data and cache and the problem persists, theirs is no other option but to uninstall and reinstall the app. This procedure will also delete all your emails, settings and you will have to setup your account to be able to use it again. If copies of your messages were left in  your inbox, they will automatically be downloaded after the sync is completed.

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  1. I just got a Samsung Galaxy s4. So did my husband. We both have the same problem. Emails that we read, but did not trash, are deleting when syncing/receiving new email. We have our own company email. Samsung and Sprint are scratching their heads

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