Getting Your CB1 to Lock Down WR1 in Madden 24 (Without Adjusting Depth Chart)

Many Madden players have expressed frustration that their top cornerback does not automatically match up against the opponent’s top wide receiver. This forces them to pause the game and manually adjust the depth chart so their CB1 covers the WR1. However, there is a simple fix that does not require depth chart changes.

cb1 vs wr 1

Use Coaching Adjustments to Set Matchups

The key is to use the Coaching Adjustments menu. Here are the steps:

  1. Before selecting your play, tap the right stick to bring up Coaching Adjustments.
  2. Scroll down to “Defensive Back Matchups” and select it.
  3. Change the setting from “By Speed” or “By Route Running” to “By Overall Rating.”
coaching adjustments

This will make your highest rated cornerback cover their best wideout automatically without having to constantly open the depth chart. Set this adjustment once and it will remain the default matchup setting unless changed again.

Redditor Describes Frustrating Experience

Many Madden 24 players have voiced anger over this issue. A Reddit user wrote:

“It’s really annoying having to pause the game and put my CB1 in the second depth chart spot just so he can cover their WR1. I get that all corners don’t travel like Sauce Gardner and Richard Sherman, but come on Madden.”

User described an all-too-common experience of scrambling to adjust matchups only to see the opponent’s top receiver running uncovered downfield. Following the Coaching Adjustments steps above ensures your elite corner will stick to the WR1 all game long without the constant depth chart tweaks.

CB1 Automatically Guard WR1

The inability of a lockdown CB1 like Sauce Gardner to automatically cover the opposition’s alpha receiver can be incredibly frustrating. But thankfully, it only takes a few simple steps in the Coaching Adjustments menu to mandate the matchup you want. Set it before kickoff and enjoy watching your shutdown corner erase the WR1 while you focus on other defensive adjustments.

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