Genshin Impact Error Code 4201 On Android Easy Fix

The Genshin Impact error code 4201 on Android is usually caused by an issue with the internet connection. It could be that the Wi-Fi network is unstable or is preventing the phone from connecting to the game server. You will need to perform a series of troubleshooting steps to fix this.

Genshin Impact is a new role playing game that’s free to download and is available for the Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android platforms. It’s a surprise hit as it has grossed more than US$100 million in less than two weeks of its release which just about covers its production cost. It uses a gacha system that allows players to get random rewards.

Genshin Impact is getting the Failed to connect to the server Error code 4201

This particular error code affects all platforms that the game is available on. It basically means that the device is not able to connect to the game server and is usually caused by network connection issues. Here’s what you need to do to fix this when it occurs on your Android phone.


  • Restart the phone.
  • Restart the Wi-Fi router your phone is connecting to.
  • Make sure the game is updated from the Google Play Store.

Method 1: Connect your phone to a different Wi-Fi network to fix error code 4201

The first thing you should do is to try to check if the same issue occurs when your phone is connected to a different Wi-Fi network. You should disconnect your phone from its current network connection then connect to a different one.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Connecting to another Wi-Fi network

  1. Tap on Settings.

    You can do this by swiping up from the Home screen then tapping on the Settings icon.Genshin Impact Error Code 4201 On Android

  2. Tap on Network & internet.

    This is where you will be able to access your phone Wi-Fi, mobile, data usage, and SIM settings.Genshin Impact is getting the Failed to connect to the server Error code 4201

  3. Tap on Wi-Fi.

    This is where you can access your phone Wi-Fi settings.tap on WiFi

  4. Tap on a different available Wi-Fi connection.

    This will connect your phone to the new network. You may need to enter a password.tap on available wifi

Once your phone is connected to a different Wi-Fi network try checking if the issue still occurs.

Method 2: Use your mobile data connection

Although this isn’t the ideal way to play the game it is necessary to check if the problem is caused by your Wi-Fi connection. This is helpful when no other Wi-Fi network is available in your area. To do this just swipe down from the home screen to access the quick settings of your device then turn off the Wi-Fi switch. Your phone’s mobile data connection should immediately work. You should then check if the server connection error still occurs.

After performing the steps listed above you will successfully fix the Genshin Impact error code 4201 on Android.

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