Samsung Could Bring Under-Display Selfie Camera With ‘Galaxy S21’

  • A new leak suggests that Samsung may be considering the use of an under-display front camera for the Galaxy S21 next year.
  • The Galaxy S20 recently hit the markets in three variants, with the top-end model featuring a 108MP rear camera sensor with 100X digital zoom.
  • The Galaxy S21 will likely launch in early 2021 with features like 5G expected to be one of its key highlights.

As per a tweet posted by ‘Ice universe’ on Twitter, Samsung is currently contemplating the use of an under-display front camera for its 2021 flagship, the Galaxy S21. It’s not unlike Samsung to start working on next year’s flagship well in advance, especially given the fast-paced innovation in our world today.

While Samsung’s focus on the Galaxy S20 was to improve the rear cameras, perhaps the company has finally figured out a way to remove the punch hole camera from smartphones. However, an under-display selfie camera will not be easy in practice. Its use for face unlocking, especially with a screen protector on, as well as dust, glare, and other factors come into the equation as well.

Another huge challenge for Samsung will be to match pixel density over the area containing the camera sensor. Several possible theories have been floated to combat this, but it’s safe to say that none of them have figured it out yet. Manufacturers like OnePlus have used a mechanical camera shutter button that would emerge from a dedicated silo. While this removed the need for a notch or a punch hole, it was quite impractical in practice.

But Samsung is known as a pioneer in the display industry, so it is hoped that the company will eventually cross these hurdles to offer a unique feature such as this one. Thankfully, the company has plenty of time on its hands, although one assumes that its work may have been hindered due to the ongoing global pandemic.

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Source: @UniverseIce

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