Samsung Galaxy S20 Getting an Update With Camera Fixes and April Security Patch

  • Samsung is now sending a software patch with some bug fixes to the Galaxy 20.
  • The update also fixes some issues with camera zoom while also improving slow-motion video recording in low-light conditions.
  • The update has started hitting devices in South Korea and is expected to reach other markets over the coming days.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a stellar handset that broke cover around two months ago. Since its arrival, the smartphone has gone through multiple tests, and pretty much everybody agrees that this is one of the best camera phones around. However, users were slightly concerned when some issues pertaining to the camera zoom surfaced. Well, Samsung is now sending an update to the galaxy s20 bearing the firmware version G98xNKSU1ATCT that aims to fix a few of these issues.

One of the concerns pertaining to the zooming has been fixed, while the camera’s ability to capture light and darker skin tones have been improved as well. The company has also seemingly improved the quality of super slow-mo video recording in low-light conditions, which is a welcome change.

In addition to these changes, this galaxy s20 update also comes with the usual suite of bug fixes. What’s notable here is that Samsung is also including the April security patch with this update, making sure its users are on the latest security version. However, this is a luxury that owners of older Samsung devices aren’t afforded.

The update has started rolling out in South Korea, and will likely make it to other parts of the world over the coming days. Be sure to check the Settings page to pull the update manually. In any case, users can expect to find the update notification over the coming week or so.

Do you own a galaxy s20? Let us know if you’ve seen the update already.

Via: SamMobile

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