Galaxy S10 Gets Unexpected Software Update Months After Support Cutoff

Samsung has unexpectedly rolled out a new software update for its Galaxy S10 lineup, including the S10e, S10, and S10+ models. This over-the-air update provides the September 2023 security patch to devices in Mexico despite the S10 series having officially ended software support earlier this year. While availability seems limited so far, some Galaxy S10 owners can now download the update via Settings or manually install it using firmware files.

Last Hurrah or Policy Change?

Earlier in 2024, Samsung completed the guaranteed software support period for the 2019 Galaxy S10 flagships, including major OS updates and security patches. However, the S10 models have now received an update on Mexico’s Telcel network, bringing the September 2023 security patch.

It’s unclear whether other markets and carriers will also distribute this update. The prior update for Mexican S10 devices came in March when support was still active, so this could be a final farewell gift from Telcel. On the other hand, it may signal a change in Samsung’s update policies to better compete with Google’s 7-year support for Pixel phones.

Limited Availability

For now, the surprise update seems limited to Galaxy S10 owners on Mexico’s Telcel network. The firmware version ends in HWI1 and can be downloaded via Settings > Software update. If unavailable there, users can manually install the latest firmware using a Windows PC.

Samsung isn’t likely extending support to obsolete devices like the S10 lineup. But if the company does revise its update policy, it would be a welcome change and great news for loyal customers. Until then, this update is a nice bonus for a few lucky Mexican Galaxy S10 users.

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