How to fix Facebook that keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy A3? [Troubleshooting Guide]

Random glitches are inevitable in mobile apps like Facebook with lags, freezes, and crashes as the common symptoms. These problems are often attributed to many different factors in which the majority is on the software structure. Read on and learn what to do if ever you get to encounter an issue with Facebook app that keeps freezing or crashing on your Samsung Galaxy A3 smartphone. But before you start to troubleshoot the problem, you might as well consider identifying the root cause. Doing so will help you quickly obtain the required solution.

For those who are looking for a solution to a different problem, drop by our A3 troubleshooting page for we have already addressed some of the most common issues with this phone. Browse through the page to find issues that are similar with yours and use the solutions we suggested. If they don’t work for you or if you still need our help, contact us anytime through our Android issues questionnaire.

What causes the Facebook app to crash on your Samsung Galaxy A3?

The Facebook app crashes because something is preventing it from carrying out its normal operations. Oftentimes, a faulty update is to blame. In other cases, it could be due to another rogue app, server errors, or software issues on the device itself. Generally, the problem has something to do with a system error. But the good thing is the fact that software-related issues transpiring in mobile devices are likely to be resolved by end-users at home. This therefore means that paying for service charges will likely not be necessary. Now if you would ask what options would there be in case you too are dealing with a pertinent issue on the same Galaxy device, I have compiled a few possible solutions and helpful workarounds for you to refer to.

Potential solutions to Facebook app crashes

The following methods are generic solutions to apps-related issues in mobile devices like frequent crashes, lags, and other errors. Try and see which from these subsequent workarounds can resolve the root cause and get your Facebook app running smooth and stable again.

First method: Force Facebook app to quit.

Forcing the app to close is needed if it suddenly freezes. Doing so will help stop and refresh the application. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tap the Recent Apps button. Doing so will show up a list of all the apps you have recently used.
  2. Scroll through the app until you find Facebook.
  3. Tap and drag the Facebook app to either edge of the screen to close it.
  4. Alternatively, you can tap on the X in the upper-right corner of the Facebook app to close it. Or you can tap Close All option to quit all open apps at once. This can help fix any issue triggered by the background apps.

Second method: Force your Galaxy A3 to restart.

If closing the Facebook app doesn’t yield positive outcome, then move on to restart your Galaxy A3. If possible, do a standard reboot (soft reset) otherwise, force your phone to restart. A forced restart would be necessary if the phone hangs or freezes as Facebook crashes. Similar to a soft reset, a forced restart will not delete any of your data and personal information from your phone for as long as it’s properly done.

To do so, hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds or until the Samsung logo appears. Make sure your device is has sufficient power to avoid corrupting data during the forced reboot.

Third method: Clear cache and data on Facebook app.

Clearing cache and data from Facebook app might be the key to fixing the issue especially if it has something to do with corrupt cache files on the app.

Follow these steps to clear cache and temporary data from the Facebook app on your Galaxy A3:

  1. Tap Apps on the Home screen.
  2. Tap to open Settings.
  3. Scroll to the Application section then tap Application manager.
  4. Navigate to the Downloaded section or All.
  5. Select Facebook and tap Clear cache or Clear data.
  6. Then tap OK to confirm.
  7. Wait until the cache clearing is complete then press the Home key to go back to the Home screen.

Give your phone another restart and then launch the Facebook app to see if it’s already doing fine and stable.

Fourth method: Install new Facebook update (if applicable).

Updates are likewise necessary to keep your apps optimized and stable. If you haven’t already, check for any available updates for Facebook on your device and if there is, download and install it. Here’s how to manually install Facebook app update on your Galaxy A3:

  1. Tap on your Apps folder from the Home screen.
  2. Then tap Play Store.
  3. Tap the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the upper left corner of the Play Store screen.
  4. Tap My apps.
  5. If Facebook appears at the top of the list, it means an update is available. If there is, tap Update (to individually update app) or Update all (if multiple apps updates are available).

Wait for the update to install completely then restart your device. After the restart, try to launch the Facebook app on your Galaxy A3 then see if it’s already working properly.

Fifth method: Wipe cache partition on your Galaxy A3.

Wiping the system cache partition often resolves apps problems inflicted by corrupt cache files or temporary data in the phone system. You can take your chances by giving it a try. Here’s how:

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Then press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons simultaneously.
  3. Release the Power button when the Samsung logo appears but keep holding the Volume Up and Home buttons for a few more seconds.
  4. When the Android logo appears, release the remaining buttons. This will prompt you with the Android system recovery menu.
  5. Press the Volume Down button repeatedly to highlight or select Wipe cache partition from the given options.
  6. Then press the Power button to confirm selection. Your phone will then instigate wiping the cache partition. When it’s finished, the Reboot system now option is highlighted.
  7. Press the Power button to confirm restart on your phone.

Sixth method: Uninstall and reinstall Facebook app.

Uninstalling the app might be necessary if the Facebook app gets corrupted and no longer able to work as intended. Uninstalling and reinstalling can offer a clean and fresh start of the app on your device.. You can uninstall the Facebook app from your Samsung Galaxy A3 App Drawer. Here’s how it’s done::

  1. Swipe up from the Home screen to open the App Drawer.
  2. Tap and hold the Facebook app.
  3. Tap to select the option to Uninstall.

Alternatively, you can uninstall Facebook app through Settings. Here’s how:

  1. Swipe up from the Home screen to open the App Drawer.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Search for apps then select Facebook.
  4. Tap on the Facebook app.
  5. Then tap Uninstall.
  6. If prompted with a message, tap OK to confirm.

Reboot your phone then download and install Facebook app on your phone.

Other Suggestions

Update your Galaxy A3 to the latest version. Software updates also contain bug fixes. That said, installing a new software update can be the key to resolving the underlying cause especially if the problem is triggered by a software bug.

  1. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Navigate to System section then tap About device.
  4. Tap Software Update.
  5. Tap Update Now.
  6. Your phone will then check for available software updates. Before you move on, be sure to backup all your critical data stored on your phone then tap on Install Now from the Install software message prompt.
  7. Tap OK to confirm.
  8. Many people have found success in resorting to this method so you might as well consider doing do.

Factory reset your Galaxy A3. Only consider performing a master reset or factory reset if everything is backed up properly on your device. A factory reset will wipe all your personal information, critical data and some bugs too, if there is.

  • To perform a factory reset on your Galaxy A3, tap Apps-> Settings-> Backup and reset-> Factory data reset. Then read the information the tap Reset device to continue. And then tap Erase everything. Wait until there reset is finished and then try to open and use Facebook again to see if it’s still crashing. If your device gets frozen as Facebook crashes, then you can do the alternative master reset procedure using the Home button.

Contact Help Center. You may escalate the problem to Facebook Help Center and ask some more inputs on how to deal with the main issue and keep the app more stable. Otherwise, call Samsung Support for official recommendations especially if the Facebook app started to crash after installing a new firmware update on your Galaxy A3. It could be a post-update issue that needs to be fixed by an official fix patch that’s likely entrenched in the next firmware update version released.

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