Finnish Carriers Halt Sales of Xiaomi Phones Amid Controversy Over Brand’s Presence in Russia

Three major Finnish mobile carriers – Telia, DNA, and Elisa – have decided to suspend sales of Xiaomi smartphones and other devices, according to multiple local news reports.

Carriers Suspend Xiaomi Sales

The move comes in response to continued criticism of Xiaomi’s ongoing operations and new product launches in Russia, despite the invasion of Ukraine. Earlier this year, Ukraine’s National Agency on Corruption Prevention designated Xiaomi an “international sponsor of war” due to its expanding business in Russia.

TeliaCeasing cooperation, no new models
DNARemoving products from stores, halting sales
ElisaNarrowing range of devices

According to Telia, the company will cease cooperation with Xiaomi and stop bringing in new models. Only existing stock will continue to be sold. DNA has gone a step further, removing Xiaomi products from display in its stores and halting sales altogether. The carrier’s CEO Sami Aavikko expressed dissatisfaction with how Xiaomi has handled the situation in Russia.

Elisa took a more measured approach, stating it would narrow down its range of Xiaomi devices instead of suspending sales completely.

Ban Includes Redmi and Poco Brands

The suspension of sales includes Xiaomi’s sub-brands Redmi and Poco. All devices under these brands will also be banned from sale by the carriers.

Retailers Continue Xiaomi Sales

The decisions go against the policies of major electronics retailers Gigantti and Verkkokauppa, which plan to continue selling Xiaomi products until banned at the EU level. Xiaomi has declined requests for comment on the controversy.

Impact on Xiaomi’s Business

This represents a serious blow to Xiaomi’s business in Finland, where it holds around 10% smartphone market share. The move also builds pressure for an EU-wide response, as Poland and Lithuania have already prohibited sales of Xiaomi devices.

Critics argue Xiaomi’s ongoing Russian revenue indirectly supports the government there financially, while the company insists it has a duty to local customers and employees. Nevertheless, the Finnish carriers’ actions signal growing dissatisfaction with the brand across Europe.

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