EU to Make USB C Chargers Mandatory for All Smartphones

We live in a time when USB C ports can be found in a wide range of devices. Manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, and so on have shifted to USB C some time while ago, although there are still a handful of devices launching with micro USB chargers. Well, the European Parliament has decided to make a common type charger i.e. USB C chargers mandatory for all smartphones.

The EU Parliament’s briefing mentions that this move is designed to make lives easier for the customers and also reduce waste from discarded chargers. A debate on the issue was held on January 13, while a vote is yet to be taken. It’s going to pass in all likelihood, which may force manufacturers like Apple to shift to USB C chargers for their iPhones in the near future.

While a majority of the Android manufacturers have shifted over to the USB C side, there are a wide range of device makers in the Asian markets that still offer the micro USB port.

Among the many benefits of a USB Type C charger is the ability to charge your devices significantly faster, while also offering improved data transfer speeds. This is also a reversible connector, which is a big step up from micro USB ports which can only be plugged in from one angle. A move like this may have a ripple effect elsewhere and ultimately lead to all phones and tablets bearing USB C ports.

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Source: EU Parliament

Via: Talk Android

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