How to Enable Link To Windows on Galaxy Z Fold 4

Do you want to access your phone notifications on your Windows PC? If you are using a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 then you can use its Link to Windows feature which allows you to access to your smartphone notifications, texts, calls, photos and screen right on your Windows PC.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a flagship quality Android device that uses a foldable display form factor. It’s huge 7.6-inch main display is best used for multitasking between different apps while its 6.2-inch cover display is wide and easy to use. Some of the best features of this phone include a brighter main display, upgraded 50MP camera, and a long-lasting battery life.

How do I turn on Link to Windows on my Galaxy Z Fold 4?

turn on Link to Windows

One of the useful features of your Samsung phone is that you can easily access it while working on your Windows computer. Instead of emailing yourself the photos stored in your foldable smartphone you can simply access the files on your phone from your computer. Aside from this you can also see your notifications, send and receive text messages, make calls and view your recent photos right from your desktop.

Here’s how to use the Link to Windows feature

Set up Phone Link app on PC

What you will want to do first is to make sure that your Windows computer has the Phone Link app installed. This is already pre-installed in Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs. If it isn’t available in your PC then download it from the Microsoft Store.

  • Go to the Microsoft Store, search for Phone Link app and download it.
  • The app will launch on your PC and ask you to specify your mobile OS. Select “Android” and click “Continue.”
  • You’ll be presented with a QR code to scan on your phone. Now it’s time to set up the Link to Windows feature on your Galaxy smartphone.

Set up Link to Windows on Galaxy Z Fold 4

Here’s how to set up Link to Windows on your phone.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Advanced features.
  • Tap Link to Windows.
  • Turn on the Link to Windows switch.
  • Tap Add computer.
  • Click “Is there a QR code on your PC?” You can now scan the QR code with your phone. You can also choose to sign in with your Microsoft account credentials instead. This will link your devices. Click through the prompts to allow the connection.
  • You’ll see the Link to Windows settings open on your phone, indicating you’re connected to your PC.
  • Open the Phone Link app on your computer if it is not opened yet.

Advantages of using Link to Windows on your foldable phone and the Phone companion app on computer

Using the Link to Windows feature and Phone companion app brings several features to your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Manage notifications on PC

While working on your computer you can easily check the notifications you get from your Galaxy smartphone without even getting or looking at your phone’s screen. You can click the X symbol to clear the notification or open it if it is important.

Sending messages and making calls from your PC

You can send and receive text messages or even make and receive calls using your computer.

Access photos on your PC

You can easily access the photos in your phone Gallery app and just drag and drop anything you like on your computer.

View mobile apps on PC

You will be able to view and control apps on your Samsung Galaxy phone using your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to connect Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 to PC?

    The best way to connect your phone is by using the Link to Windows feature of your phone and the Phone Link app of the PC.

  2. How to fix Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will not sync with my PC?

    Try to check if the Phone Link app has any new updates available and install any pending updates. You should also make sure that the battery saver mode is not enabled on your Galaxy Z Fold 4.

  3. Can I sync using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi?

    Yes, you can.
    Open the Link to Windows app.
    Select Settings.
    Select Sync over mobile data.
    Turn this option On.

  4. How do I improve the connection between my phone and PC?

    Both devices should be connected to the same trusted Wi-Fi network.

  5. My phone and PC are both on the same Wi-Fi network but won’t connect

    Try to check your router settings and make sure that the Wireless Isolation or AP Isolation feature is turned off. If this feature is enabled, then then all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network will be blocked from communicating with other.

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