Difference Between Xbox One and Xbox One S

If you’re new to the world of Xbox, you’ve likely never heard of the Xbox One, but just the Xbox One S or maybe even the One X. The Xbox One was the original launch console, and it was fraught with all sorts of problems. It was a major upgrade from the Xbox 360, but there were still plenty of hardware issues, particularly when it came to the disc drive or the hard drive. That’s where the Xbox One S came in.

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The Xbox One S came in to fix all of the hardware problems that were plaguing the original Xbox One. That said, Microsoft essentially scrubbed the Xbox One name off of the timeline of its gaming consoles, and uses the Xbox One S instead.

That said, if you’re shopping around for a new console, and see a pretty sweet deal on the original Xbox One (usually as a second-hand item, as they’re not being manufactured anymore), you might be wondering what the major differences are, and there are a lot. That said, let’s dive right in and go over the differences.

Xbox One S

The first console that we’re looking at is, naturally, the Xbox One S. The Xbox One S has the same design as the original Xbox One. The Xbox One S is available in a variety of colors and styles — Microsoft primarily offers it in Black and White; however, they have partnered with a number of designers and companies to offer it in different styles and themes, such as a now retired Battlefield style out there that came alongside the Battlefield 1 game.

The Xbox One S has some pretty impressive hardware, and can play most games extremely smoothly. It is running a custom Microsoft processor that is clocked at 1.75GHz and equipped with a whole eight cores. Naturally, there’s a custom video card inside of the machine as well, which supports 914MHz, 12 CUs, 1.4 TFLOPS, and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

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Those aren’t bad specs by any stretch of the imagination — they can certainly handle high-end games with some pretty vivid detail. That said, you might feel like performance like this can only be obtained at top dollar, but the Xbox One S sits at a pretty affordable price point — a Xbox One S, on its own — at 500GB in storage — can be had for just $200, whereas many combo bundles won’t cost you more than $249 to $300 for a big-name theme. It makes it affordable for the average consumer as an easy way to get into gaming.

The major improvement here, in comparison to the Xbox One, is that you aren’t going to be experiencing any hardware problems. The Xbox One S is the polished version of the Xbox One, which means you’ll be good to go, without issue, for years to come.

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Xbox One

The major difference between the Xbox One and the Xbox One S is that the former isn’t even being manufactured anymore. The Xbox One S has replaced the Xbox One in almost every store worldwide, except for maybe second-hand stores where consoles are repurposed and attempted to be sold as a refurbished or used model.

The original Xbox One also had a bulkier design, whereas the Xbox One S replaced it with something sleeker and with an overall thinner profile. Not only that, but the Xbox One didn’t come equipped with High Dynamic Range Video, which is something that was added into the One S when it launched in 2016. 4K video playback was added to the Xbox One S as well.

The other major problem with the original Xbox One was that it came with an external power supply, which was replaced with an internal one in the One S. Like we already mentioned, the original Xbox One was fraught with problems, such as hard drive issues, and more commonly, disc drive problems.

The other major difference was that the original Xbox One had a Kinect port, whereas the Xbox One S got rid of that.
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The Xbox One was the first generation of Microsoft’s new generation of consoles, and it came with a bunch of problems, as all new technology does. That said, Microsoft eventually replaced the Xbox One with the Xbox One S, which had some small hardware improvements, mostly in the quality department. That said, if you see an Xbox One available for sale — it really isn’t worth picking up; first, the price difference is very little, and on top of that, the One S will last you a whole lot longer than the One, not to even mention how many fewer problems you’ll run into.