Crunchyroll Not Loading? Is It Down? Let’s Fix It

crunchyroll not loading

Crunchyroll might be down if you’re experiencing issues accessing its content. To confirm, check the platform’s social media channels or use third-party tools like Downdetector to verify its current status.

Continue below to discover expert tips and alternative streaming options.

Initial Checks:

A. Verifying Your Internet Connection:

First, make sure your internet is working. You can use online tools to check your speed. If your internet is slow or not working, it could cause problems. Try resetting your modem or router to fix the issue.

B. Check Crunchyroll’s Social Media and Official Channels:

Next, look at Crunchyroll’s social media pages. They might post updates about issues on Twitter or Facebook. Also, check their official website or blog for news about problems.

Third-Party Tools for Monitoring Crunchyroll’s Uptime:

A. Downdetector and IsItDownRightNow:

These websites can help you find out if Crunchyroll is down. They show real-time data about the site’s status. To use them, just visit their websites and search for Crunchyroll. They will show you if there are any issues.

B. Network Traceroute Analysis:

Traceroute is a tool that can help you find problems with your connection. It can show you where the problem is between your computer and Crunchyroll. Follow these steps for Windows, macOS, or Linux to do a traceroute. Look at the results to find any issues with the connection path.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques:

A. Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies:

Cache and cookies can cause problems with websites. To fix this, clear your cache and cookies in your browser. This will help the website run better.

B. Using VPNs and Proxy Servers:

VPNs and proxy servers can help you watch Crunchyroll from different places. They can also fix issues with your internet provider. Try using a good VPN or proxy server to see if it helps.

C. Modifying DNS Settings:

DNS helps your computer find websites. You can change your DNS settings to use different providers. This might fix problems with Crunchyroll. Try using Google DNS or OpenDNS.

Alternative Methods for Accessing Anime Content During Downtime:

A. Official and Legal Streaming Platforms:

If Crunchyroll is down, try other platforms. Funimation, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are good choices. They have different shows, prices, and features.

B. Exploring Mobile Applications:

You can also use mobile apps to watch anime. Crunchyroll has its own app, and there are others like VRV. Mobile apps let you watch shows offline and get updates.

C. Accessing Crunchyroll Content Through Partner Websites:

Some Crunchyroll shows might be on other websites. HIDIVE is one example. Look for partner websites to watch anime legally.

D. Staying Updated with Anime News:

Follow anime news sites to know what’s happening. Anime News Network and MyAnimeList are good choices. They will tell you about new shows and updates.

Setting Up Alerts for Crunchyroll’s Downtime and Restoration:

A. Utilizing Website Monitoring Services:

Tools like UptimeRobot, Pingdom, and StatusCake can watch Crunchyroll for you. They will tell you if the site is down or up. Pick one that works best for you.

B. Creating Custom IFTTT Applets:

IFTTT can help you make alerts for Crunchyroll. It will send you an email or text when the site has issues. Follow the steps to make your own IFTTT alert.

C. Subscribing to Relevant Subreddits and Online Communities:

Join online groups about Crunchyroll and anime, such as this unofficial Crunchyroll subreddit. They can tell you when there are problems. Turn on notifications to know what’s going on.

Crunchyroll Alternative For Anime

If all else fails, there are plenty of other options beside Crunchyroll to watch anime online. Below are some of the top Crunchyroll alternatives.

A. 9anime

Although it’s not an official streaming platform, 9anime offers a wide range of anime titles for free, including popular series and lesser-known gems. The user-friendly interface and regular updates make it an attractive choice for viewers seeking an immediate solution during Crunchyroll’s downtime. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that 9anime and similar websites may not support the official creators, and using legal platforms is always the best way to enjoy anime responsibly.

B. Funimation:

Funimation is a big name in anime. They have a large library of shows, including popular series like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan. You can watch shows for free or pay for a premium account. The premium account lets you watch without ads and see new episodes faster.

C. Netflix:

Netflix is known for its movies and TV shows. But they also have a good collection of anime. Some popular titles are One Punch Man, Demon Slayer, and Death Note. You need a Netflix account to watch their shows. They add new anime often, so keep checking back.

D. Hulu:

Hulu is another great place to watch anime. They have many popular series like Naruto, Bleach, and Tokyo Ghoul. You need a Hulu account to watch their shows. They also offer live TV and other content. It’s a good choice if you want more than just anime.

E. Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video has a growing library of anime. Some titles include Vinland Saga, Made in Abyss, and Dororo. You need an Amazon Prime membership to watch their shows. The membership also gives you other benefits, like free shipping and access to music.


HIDIVE is a newer platform for watching anime. They offer a mix of shows, from classic series to the latest hits. Some titles are Food Wars!, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and K-ON!. You need a HIDIVE account to watch their shows. They offer a free trial, so you can try it out.


VRV is a platform that brings together content from different sources. They have channels for Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, and other anime providers. You can watch shows from all these channels with a single VRV account. They also have content from other genres, like cartoons and horror.

Crunchyroll Downtime FAQs: Answers to Common Questions:

  1. How long does Crunchyroll downtime usually last?
    • The duration of Crunchyroll downtime varies depending on the cause. Most outages are resolved within a few hours, but more significant issues could take longer.
  2. What are the common reasons for Crunchyroll downtime?
    • Server issues, maintenance, high traffic, or technical problems could cause Crunchyroll to be temporarily unavailable.
  3. Can I still access Crunchyroll content during downtime?
    • While the website is down, it may be difficult to access content directly. However, you can try using Crunchyroll’s mobile app or partner websites to watch some shows.
  4. How can I stay informed about Crunchyroll’s status?
    • Follow Crunchyroll’s social media channels, subscribe to relevant online communities, or set up alerts using website monitoring services or IFTTT applets to stay updated on the platform’s status.
  5. Is there a way to report Crunchyroll issues?
    • You can contact Crunchyroll’s support team through their website or reach out to them on social media to report issues or ask for assistance.

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