Craig Wright wins copyright claim, Bitcoin rival Bitcoin SV doubles in value

Bitcoin used to be the only big name on the block, but some other various forms of cryptocurrency are trying to take the spotlight. One of those is Bitcoin SV. It actually jumped in value by up to 120%, and then fell slightly.

The price for Bitcoin SV has essentially been in free fall since it split from Bitcoin Cash in November last year. But now, bitcoin SV sits at over $139 per token, whereas it originally sat at just $60.

This jump in value is because of an authoritative source now backing bitcoin SV top dog Craig Wright, saying that he is actually the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright recently won a copyright dispute for the original Bitcoin white paper, as well as original parts of the code.

As of this writing, the Bitcoin SV sits at $103, still far more than its original $60 value. This is not long after Bitcoin SV hit an all-time low earlier this month.

source: Forbes

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