5 Best Cell Signal Boosters For Better T-Mobile Reception In 2020

If you’re having trouble with T-Mobile’s signal in your home or office, you might want to consider other methods to bolster the signal. There are a lot of different ways to do this, but just one method is to use a cell signal booster. Cell signal boosters have a bad rap in that they don’t work properly, but they’re a lifesaver if you purchase a good one. Usually, you need to invest at least a little bit of money to get a good quality cell signal booster that actually and substantially improves the signal in your home.

Best Signal Boosters

Before you go out and buy a cell signal booster, you need to do some research first. Making sure they have good reviews is pertinent, but you also need to make sure that they support LTE boosting as well as that they are compatible with your carrier, in this case, T-Mobile. Luckily, we’ve researched for you. Be sure to follow along below, and we’ll show you the best cell signal boosters for better T-Mobile reception in 2018!

weBoost Connect

First up, consider the weBoost Connect 4G-X. This cell signal booster is capable of boosting the signal of most US networks. That means that you’ll not only be able to boost your T-Mobile signal, but you’ll also be able to boost other network signals as well if you so choose to switch providers down the line. The booster itself is capable of some serious coverage range. It can boost the signal in a fairly nice and large home with a range of 7,000 sq.ft. Got dead zones? With the weBoost Connect, you won’t run into those anymore.

Some severe power and technology are sitting in the weBoost Connect, which makes it a little pricey. Still, it’s worth the cost to amplify and make cell coverage in your home a whole lot better — it’s a whole lot cheaper than moving and trying to find a place that doesn’t have dead zones. You can expect to get better battery life as well, as your phone’s battery won’t be draining due to a weak signal.

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SureCall Fusion4Home

You also might want to consider the Fusion4Home. This doesn’t have nearly as much coverage as the weBoost Connect; however, it’s more suitable for standard-sized homes. It’s only got a range of 3,000 sq.ft, which will be excellent for conventional homes throughout the US. It’s less than what the weBoost Connect has, but the 3,000 sq.ft is still a notable amount. That’s the only difference between the weBoost Connect and Fusion4Home as well: signal range.

The Fusion4Home can amplify 4G LTE and 3G speeds, which means it is helpful in significant cities as well as rural areas that don’t have excellent LTE coverage. As you might assume, you’ll be able to get an excellent signal with the Fusion4Home cell signal booster.

Much like the weBoost Connect, you can expect to get better performance out of your phone, as your phone’s battery won’t be draining because of a weak signal. And of course, with an increased signal, you should see better data speeds as well.

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Phonelex GSM Booster

Cash strapped and don’t want to drop all that money on a weBoost Connect or Fusion4Home? Then consider the Phonelex GSM Booster. This is particularly great for T-Mobile customers in rural areas, as you’ll be able to bolster that 3G signal to its maximum potential with this cell signal booster. It’s useful even if you think you have a good 3G signal at home — it’s a much slower technology/frequency, so a booster will help that 3G signal penetrate through the walls in your home as well.

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weBoost EQO 4G

weBoost makes another similar signal booster, but it’s intended for bolstering a small area of your home. It only supports up to 500 sq.ft of coverage, so if you have a dead zone in, say, an office, the living room, or bedroom, the weBoost EQO 4G will be able to bring you 4G LTE or 3G signal to those rooms.

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MobileForce Car Cell Booster

You might also want to consider a car cell booster. This might seem weird at first, but they’re super helpful if you need to keep your phone from dropping calls. A cell booster in your car will keep your coverage stable, which is helpful when you’re going through a dead zone. This can be super helpful if you rely on your phone for work — that’s certainly something you don’t want a call drop happening during. A nice bonus is that the MobileForce Car Cell Booster is small, compact, and works on all US networks, including T-Mobile.

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If you’ve got a choice, we recommend going with the Fusion4Home. This is the perfect choice for those that have a standard home. But, if you need more coverage, the weBoost Connect can hook you up for up to 7,000 sq. Ft. But, if you need something while you’re on the go in the car, the MobileForce is a great option as well.

Best Signal Boosters