5 Best Loud Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycles in 2024

There’s one thing motorcyclists often envy cagers: speakers. When speeding down a windy road and enjoying the scenery, it’s almost a sin not to listen to great music. Unfortunately, most motorcycles these days don’t come with built-in speakers. The good news is that you can easily add Bluetooth speakers to your bike with any of the top 5 aftermarket Bluetooth speaker kits for motorcycles featured below.

At A Glance: Loud Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycles

41uhVjTkGHL. SL500BOSS Audio SystemsBOSS Audio MC420BCheck Price on Amazon
41AU1HU8d2LBOSS Audio SystemsBOSS Audio ATV25BCheck Price on Amazon
411vFUY6LaS. SL500LEXINLEXINCheck Price on Amazon
51uFAXyovmL. SL500Sound Storm LaboratoriesSound Storm SMC90BB Sound System,Check Price on Amazon
41u0+Lb1HyL. SL500BOSS Audio SystemsBOSS Audio MC470BCheck Price on Amazon

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Compared with motorcycle helmet audio systems, Bluetooth speakers are safer, cheaper, and more convenient. They also allow you to share your music with your passenger, or even your entire group. When selecting a Bluetooth speaker kit for your bike, make sure you pick one that’s waterproof and is loud enough to be heard even on a busy road with noise all around you.

Best Loud Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycles



If you have a chopper and would like to listen to your favorite music when cruising down the highway, the BOSS MC420B Bluetooth speaker system is a great choice. It comprises a capable amplifier and two compact speakers that you can easily attach to the handlebars with a secure metal clamp. You can connect your smartphone or iPod to the amplifier using the included 3.5 mm audio cable, or you can stream your music wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Thanks to the included in-line volume control, you can adjust the loudness of the speakers without touching your smartphone, which increases your safety on the road. The construction protects the BOSS MC420B Bluetooth speaker system against moisture from rain, splashed water, fog, and other elements, so you can leave it on your bike even when it pours.



We understand that two speakers sometimes just don’t cut it. If you demand more volume than what the previous Bluetooth speaker system can deliver, then you should go with the BOSS MC470B, which adds two extra speakers for twice the volume.

Just like the previous Bluetooth speaker system, the BOSS MC470B is also waterproof and comes with all mounting hardware and wiring needed to install it. Just keep in mind that the two extra speakers need to be mounted somewhere, and your handlebars may not have enough space for them. In that case, a simple handlebar extension can do the trick.



Designed specifically for ATVs, the BOSS ATV25B Bluetooth speaker system attracts with its convenient form-factor that makes installation easy. Hidden inside a U-shaped outer shell are two high-performance 6.5-inch speakers and two 1.5-inch high-fidelity tweeters. You can plug the BOSS ATV25B Bluetooth speaker system into any 12 V power source, such as your bike’s battery, using the included installation kit.

As with most BOSS Bluetooth speaker systems for motorcycles, you can transmit audio to the system either using a 3.5 mm audio cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Included with the BOSS ATV25B Bluetooth speaker system is a remote control that allows you to control the volume, track selection, and other functions of your system while riding.



Sound Storm SMC90BB

The Sound Storm SMC90BB Bluetooth speakers come with a 1000-watt amplifier that allows you to wirelessly stream audio via Bluetooth from compatible devices or connect just about any MP3 player using the aux input. The two pairs of high-performance full-range speakers, and the amplifier, are weatherproof and dust proof.

Included with the Sound Storm SMC90BB Bluetooth speakers is all the mounting hardware you need to install everything, and you also get a handy in-line remote controller that allows you to safely control the volume while riding.


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Despite their compact size, the LEXIN S3 Bluetooth speakers for motorcycles pack a surprising number of features. These speakers have a built-in FM tuner, allowing you to tune in to any local radio station and enjoy great music even without your smartphone. The LEXIN S3 Bluetooth speakers can also charge your portable electronic devices thanks to an USB output.

You don’t get a remote control with these because all the essential music playback control buttons are located directly on the left speaker which puts them within easy reach. They design the LENIX S3 Bluetooth speakers for speeds of up to 80 Mph, and they are fully weatherproofed.

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