Best TracFone Smartphones

Nowadays, when it comes to smartphone subscriptions, we have so many options that allow to do lots of things. We are able to browse the web, play video games, take pictures, and be able to make some phone calls. Whereas most major providers offer good alternatives, it is always convenient to buy the prepaid phone. The TracFone is one o the best prepaid smartphone option for most users.

The best smartphones for Tracfone for 2021

Some of the best 2021 smartphones for Tracfone as a prepaid service are the iPhone, the Flip Phone, and just about any smartphone will help you bring out the best about your tracfone offers. If you have the best carrier cell phone plans, you will need the best smartphones to improve the experience of such phones. Whether you have an android or an iPhone, these smartphones will help you take maximum advantage of your cell phone plans.

1). Samsung Galaxy A10e

The Samsung Galaxy is one of the best general option with the Tracfone smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy A10e is an update from the Samsung Galaxy A10. However such cell phones have been designed to come with some of the best features for the Tracfone service. This is from the same range of Galaxy A20.

This Tracfone comes with some of the best features of a smartphone, thus making it an excellent option. In terms of the display of the phone, users get a 5.83 inch display screen which is big enough and comes with a resolution of 1560 x 720. This offers you an impressive option to watch videos or take quality pictures.

This performance of this Tracfone cell phone is next to none because it expects the user to have numerous applications that gets used at the same time. This smartphone is being powered by a 1.6 GHz Octa core processor. This processor is complemented by a RAM of 2GB. This Processor and RAM capability are used to enhance the general user experience.

This Tracfone smartphone is equipped with the Android 9 Pie operating system, which is very perfect for multitasking options. The OS can also be used to enable more rapid web surfing speeds. If you would get a best Tracfone, you will need to get a device that comes with a good internal memory and internal storage capacity. The Tracfone Samsung Galaxy scores high in this regard as a potent Tracfone carrier system device than the Galaxy a20.

Instead of the usual 16 GB that most Tracfones have, a user will get 32 GB with this smartphone. The operating system comes with space consumption of 5GB. This means that you will still get enough storage space after installing this. Furthermore, you can expand the storage capacity of the smartphone by using a micro SD memory card.

Speaking of the cameras of this smartphone, users get a front camera of 5 MP, while the rear camera is an 8 MP option. You can use either as a selfie camera. The cameras have good features like good lighting options and creative filters.

Finally, for a prepaid phone, you will need the best battery life that you can get. This Tracfone choice comes with a 3000mAh battery, which holds on for a long time before needing to recharge the next time. The Samsung Galaxy is just one of the best smartphones to be used for a Tracfone. Some standout features include the processing power, internal memory, the RAM, and more.


  • This is an option that is user-friendly.
  • Easy installation.
  • You get to expand the memory by using a micro SD memory card.
  • Comes with an infinite HD display.


  • The front camera is not of high quality.

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2. Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy J7 for us, is the best Trafone Samsung Galaxy has in its range. One outstanding feature of this smartphone is its camera. The Samsung Galaxy is a smartphone that works well with the Tracfone service.

As an owner of this phone, you will get a 5.5 inch display screen. This makes the smartphone such a good option for video streaming and viewing HD pictures. It comes with an impressive resolution that ensures clear and vibrant screen images. The brightness of the screen is adjusted when outdoors to allow screen visibility. This is higher than the Galaxy J3.

One thing that makes this phone one of the best smartphone options for the Tracfone service is its performance. The phone comes with an impressive 1.56GHz Octa-Core processor and a RAM of about 2 GB of RAM which are both used to boost the processing power of this smartphone. This should keep the phone running as much as it should. One thing we love about this Android phone is the fact that it has the Android 8.0 Oreo, which is among the best operating systems from Android.

The internal memory and the storage supplement each other to provide a good memory space. You will get a 16 GB internal memory space with this quad core phone. The quest for more space is catered by your ability to expand the internal storage of 400 GB through the use of the Micro SD memory card. The thing about this 16 GB quad core phone is the fact that the applications that come with it takes up over half of the internal memory of the phone.

In terms of the camera, you will get two of them with such smartphones. The front camera is a 13 MP camera option. This camera is also called the selfie camera; however, it still has further options to expand its use as a normal camera.

The rear camera is one decent camera option for a Tracfone, with a 13MP grade. You can never get this from similar phones of other price ranges like the iPhone. In terms of the battery life of this Tracfone device, as an owner, will get an option of about 3300mAh. This will go a long way to last the user for as long as possible.


  • This product comes with clear and crisp images.
  • This battery has the ability to hold a charge for quite some time.
  • Comes with an impressive camera.


  • The volume needs some improvement.
  • There is difficulty in connecting the charging at times.

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3. LG Rebel 4 with Prepaid Bundle

For us, this LG Rebel 4 is a prepaid bundle phone that is the best budget Tracfone products on this list. The TracFone LG Rebel 4 Features some of the most advanced features to help owners enjoy their prepaid Tracfone sim card phone plans.

For one, this is among the phones has the ability to work with 4G LTE networks. It helps users optimize their subscription plans. All you need do is to slot in your sim card, activate your telephone number, choose a suitable plan and go ahead and have a blast with this 4G LTE Tracfone option. This is by far the best Tracfone option out there for any owner. It comes with an ergonomic feature that makes it quite easy to be gripped.

When it comes to the display of this phone, you get a full HD 5 inch display screen which works excellently well. This display is technically an IPS screen and offers vivid colored and crispy display. Still on the screen of this 4G LTE Tracfone device, users get a display screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720, which is perfect with Netflix anytime. If you have a nice prepaid plan, this will come as a huge advantage.

In terms of the performance of this phone, users will get a quad core processor that is clocked at 1.4Ghz. The RAM of this best Tracfone is just like the other products with a 2 GB RAM. The RAM makes it possible for you to play high quality games on it. Some of the standout features of this phone includes the RAM, quad core processor, its smart plans, the 4G LTE capability, and so on.

In terms of the storage of this smartphone, users will get a 16 Gb of storage on this Tracfone LG Rebel 4 Android prepaid plan smartphone. This product comes with a micro SD memory card that allows the memory to be expandable to around 32GB.

This option comes with a front camera with a 5 MP camera. The back camera is just an 8 MP camera and is more vivid. The camera also allows you to take full HD high quality videos.

In terms of the battery of these products, users will generally get a battery life of about 2600mAh. You might not get enough with a single charge, but it is enough for any plan. This makes it possible for you to talk for about 16 hours uninterrupted.


  • The Tracfone 4G LTE comes with more space that can be expanded by the micro SD memory card to enhance its space.
  • This screen is the best for video streaming.


  • This comes with a screen resolution that needs an improvement.

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4. Alcatel MyFlip Prepaid Flip Phone

This Alcatel MyFlip Prepaid Flip Phone is just like the Optimo Maxx and is the most excellent option for seniors looking to use the phone option for their Tracfone plans. Alcatel is a brand that comes with a budget price. This Tracfone is an option that comes with moderate features. It is ready for seniors and will work with most Tracfone plans and various other Tracfone offers. This is one of the budget phones that will allow you to enjoy any Tracfone plan.

In terms of the display of the smartphone, users get a decent 2.8 inch screen which is a modest option. The resolution of the display comes at a low 320 x 240 pixels of resolution. In terms of the performance specification of this device, the user gets a hard drive of 1GB. Instead of the Android 9 Pie, you get the Android KitKat with this option. The quad core processor runs with a 1.1 GHz processor frequency.

Users will love the 4GB internal memory storage of this device. If you have a decent plan, you get o store different apps, videos, and other things from online downloads. Not to worry, the storage can be supplemented easily with the use of the micro SD memory card. Instead of a 16GB, users get about 32GB from this phone.

Moving on to the camera of this tracfone smartphone, it allows you to take numerous pictures. However, this only comes with a 2 MP camera which only caters to light photography, which is very good for seniors.

Users get more talk time with the battery life of this product for seniors. However, it has such a lowly 1,350mAh lithium ion battery. This means that a single charge might not be sufficient to get you all you want, but you still come off with about 6.5 hours of talk time.


  • Comes off as a handy option.
  • You get a great computation tool with a quad core processor.
  • Comes with bigger icons on the screen.


  • Comes with a weakly supported hardware.
  • Unable to read the 64GB micro SD cards.

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5. LG Stylo 5 4G LTE Smartphone

Based on the type of carrier that it can support, this option resembles the Motorola. The LG Stylo 5 4G LTE product is the best android tracfone and comes with some of the best products to help you enjoy your prepaid plans. Regardless of your plan, the LG Stylo 5 4G LTE like the moto g7 and iPhone SE comes with all the right specifications to accommodate your leisure activities like live video streaming and audio streaming.

This is a Tracfone option that comes with a stylus and makes management of games, news and applications easier. This 4G LTE resembles the moto g7 and is an excellent option and it is lightweight and can be operated very easily. It comes with a fingerprint scanner which is an added function.

In terms of the display, this range of phones comes with a full HD 6.2 inch screen which is bigger when compared to other smartphones in this price range.

In terms of the performance of this option, users get a processor rated at 1.8 GHz. They also get a RAM of about 3GB of RAM. Furthermore, this runs on the Android 9 Pie operating system. It is such a user-friendly option that can be learnt for people used to the previous operating systems.

With this option, there is a decent storage capacity since you have the opportunity to use the entire 32GB of storage space. This is a nice option for a Tracfone service prepaid option that is able to support a micro SD memory card of about 2TB.

When it comes to the camera on this android, the user generally gets two options. The first one is the 5 MP selfie camera, plus a rear camera of about 13MP camera. This is used to improve the camera in low light. This LG Stylo 5 4G LTE like the moto g7 and the iPhone SE comes with a decent battery option of 3500mAh which helps provide a decent battery life. You tend to get more talk time with the option irrespective of your phone plan.

Just like the Motorola, this is ready for any android product plan like AT T, Tracfone, and other carrier products. You get an easy access to the Google play app store to get various apps depending on the phone service. Software updates are also available here.


  • You are able to use a micro SD memory card of about 2TB with this option.
  • We love the huge big HD screen display on this smartphone product.
  • The product comes with a stylus for fluid navigation.
  • Regular software updates.


  • The screen gets blurred under a direct sunlight.
  • Comes with rear speakers that is used to muffle the sound.

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