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5 Best Speech To Text App For Pixel 3

Are you looking for a good way to dictate your voice into text? You probably need the best speech to text app for android to get this done quickly. Sometimes it’s just really difficult to type out messages on a keyboard, whether that be a text or email. Not everyone has the time to stop and write out these things, and they certainly don’t want to do it in the car while driving down the road.

That’s why most Android phones come with built-in dictation. Whenever you open the keyboard, there’s a microphone button near the bottom of that will let you dictate your messages. However, sometimes you don’t want to use Google’s built-in voice dictation or would rather have an app that has fully functioning features for fleshing out your ideas better.

That said, if you’re not sure what speech to text app to use with your Pixel 3, be sure to follow along with us below.

Best Speech To Text App For Pixel 3

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1) SpeechTexter

SpeechTexter is first up on our list, providing you with industry leading and powerful software for continuous voice dictation. Download SpeechTexter to your Pixel 3 and immediately start your dictation. Since it is continuous dictation, you can continue talking without interruption — SpeechText will automatically recognize everything you’re saying. SpeechTexter actually supports over sixty different languages, though accuracy is a little lower when you’re not using English. The English language actually has an accuracy rating of 95% within SpeechTexter. You can use it in offline mode, but keep in mind that accuracy does degrade when there isn’t an Internet connection available.

Download it now: Google Play

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2) Speechnotes

We really like Speechnotes as well. This one is extremely efficient to use, as Speechnotes’ goal is to make everything simply and efficient. Open Speechnotes, tap the microphone button and you can immediately start dictation. Speechnotes actually supports continuous dictation, which means you can continue to talk without stopping.

Speechnotes is extremely accurate in its voice dictation, due in large part to using Google’s voice dictation engine. Speechnotes also has a really modern and elegant design. It’s easy to navigate and use, and Speechnotes also has multiple sharing functions.

Download it now: Google Play


3) Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook comes up next on our list, and is essentially a polished way to to take notes with only your voice. This is a beautiful app that is intuitive and allows you to use take notes with dictation very easily. Voice Notebook gives you a ton of different options — you can save notes locally on your phone with Voice Notebook, or if you want something that’s a little easier to share and save — you can send them to the Cloud.

Another neat thing that Voice Notebook can do is allow you to dictate messages with accuracy when you’re not connected to the Internet. Voice dictation is a whole lot more accurate when connected up to a cellular or wireless connection, but it is possible to dictate without a connection.

Download it now: Google Play

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4) Speech to Text

The aptly named Speech To Text comes in as next up on our list, and is a great way for converting your speech into a message that you can send to your friends. It makes it easy to not only dictate text messages, but email addresses as well. Just tap on the Message field, and you can start dictating your message. Then, add a phone number or email as the recipient. You can then choose to send your newly dictated message as an SMS or Email.

Download it now: Google Play


5) AutoWrite

AutoWrite comes in as last on our list, but it’s still an excellent speech to text app because it uses the Google voice engine for its voice recognition. That means you should get extremely accurate speech to text conversion. With AutoWrite, you can easily dictate messages, and then you can share it with a contact in your WhatsApp, your Phone app, or through another social media or instant messaging avenue. One of the neat things about AutoWrite is just how efficient the dictation is. It’s generally able to automatically recognize capital letters and punctuation. AutoWrite even gives you the ability to use over ninety different languages.

Download it now: Google Play

Verdict on the best speech to text app for android

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent apps available to help you convert your speech into text without typing on the keyboard. Most of these apps will help you accomplish your goal without any problems, but SpeechTexter and Speechnotes are probably some of our favorites due to how well polished they feel.

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