5 Best Smart Dishwashers in 2022

Dishwashers are a pretty essential commodity and you can find them in practically every home. Keeping this in mind, it is very crucial to get the perfect dishwasher if you’re moving to a new location. But did you know that regular dishwashers are a thing of the past now? There are smart dishwashers available in the market today that can do a lot more than just wash your dirty dishes. We’re going to take a look at some of these dishwashers today in an attempt to find the best smart dishwasher out there. We’re including devices from companies like GE, Samsung, and LG, so we’re only picking the best smart dishwashers out there.

Best Smart Dishwashers

1. GE Profile Series 24

This one looks exactly like one of the cabinets in your kitchen, letting it blend in perfectly with the decor of your kitchen. Since it’s a dishwasher at the core, it offers an excellent cleaning mechanism, ensuring that even the toughest of stains disappear from your utensils. With a sound of just 40 dBA, the dishwasher goes about its business quietly without waking you or the neighbors up. The dishwasher is compatible with the GE Appliances – Kitchen app, allowing you to know when something’s wrong with your dishwasher. It will also notify you when the wash is done, and if there are any leakages within the dishwasher.

Customers can be assured of using the roughest of (dishwasher) safe utensils to get the same result every time. It also packs a reversing quad-blade arm and high-pressure bottle jets to clean the smallest corner of an oddly shaped glass or pan.

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2. Samsung Waterwall

Samsung’s no stranger to the dishwasher world and it’s evident going by the Waterwall. It packs an elegant design, and an extensive set of features to make it stand out amongst smart dishwashers. This 24-inch dishwasher has the honor of being the quietest dishwasher on this list with a sound output of 38 dBA. It can hold dishes enough for 15 place settings, so you can make sure a lot of your plates and pots are washed at once. It goes without saying that the company pays a decent amount of attention towards the actual process of cleaning.

The smart leak detecting sensor on the Waterwall can notify you of even the smallest of leakages (down to 1 ounce) using Wi-Fi. Speaking of which, this dishwasher can be monitored remotely using a mobile app. The Auto Release door on the dishwasher ensures that it opens automatically, thus allowing for the dishes to dry quickly. My favorite however is the zone booster feature, allowing you to target a specific area of the dishwasher for a more precise wash.

3. LG 24-inch Top Control Dishwasher

This particular dish washer can hold up to 14 place settings worth of dishes in one load. With enhanced smart features, the dishwasher can send notifications to your smartphone when a cycle is complete. A 19 hour delayed start feature allows you to start the dishwasher when you’re not at home. It’s slightly noisier than the other dishwashers on the list (42 dBA), but not by much. This top control dishwasher comes with LG’s proprietary features like TrueSteam, allowing your dishes to get a thorough wash.

The smart dishwasher goes through a total of seven cycles to ensure your plates are crystal clean. You can choose to get performance updates for the dishwasher periodically, with the ability to have Google Assistant read it out to you. Since this is one of the newer models, Assistant support comes by default. There are some nifty LG specific features in here as well, stamping its authority among dishwashers.

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4. LG 24-inch Front Control Dishwasher

Yet another LG dishwasher on this list, but this one’s a front controlling unit. There’s plenty of space within the dishwasher to hold a lot of dishes, and there are features like NFC that let you load up custom cycles by simply tapping the dishwasher. Powered by the company’s QuadWash system, this particular offering can provide a comprehensive and spotless cleaning of your dishes and other utensils. Much like every other dishwasher on this list, this one is Energy Star rated for efficient running. So in addition to paying less up front, you’re also saving on future utility bills.

It also comes with a 19 hour delayed start option like the other LG dishwasher we’ve talked about here. Since it’s coming from the same manufacturer, we expect some of the features to cross over. As far as smart dishwashers are concerned, this 24-inch offering by LG is incredibly attractive.

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5. GE Profile Series 24

This particular dishwasher is rated with the best cleaning power, thanks to the 140 cleaning jets available on board the unit. This means that even the harshest of stains on your dishes or pans will come off once the cycle is complete. Since this is a GE product, it is compatible with the company’s app, allowing you to monitor your dishes and be alerted if there’s something wrong with it. It will even inform you if the door isn’t closed properly, which can definitely come in handy if you have children at your homes. To me personally, the addition of safety features alone justifies getting a dishwasher.

Another smart feature is that the dishwasher can tell you if you’re running low on dishwashing soap. This ensures that users know if the dishwasher cannot clean the dishes in full capacity. It has a sound output of 40 dBA, which is on par with a handful of dishwashers that we’ve encountered here.

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