8 Best Slideshow App for Android in 2024

Slideshows used to be incredibly complicated to make. However, times are different today and you can make slideshows within a few minutes. But do you want to be more productive? If so, you need to try out slideshow apps for Android. There are quite a lot of options to choose from, which can make the choice somewhat confusing.

This is why we’re going to talk about some of the best slideshow app you will find for Android today. We will talk about both free and paid offerings to give you a good selection of excellent slideshow maker apps. So let’s take a look.

Best Slideshow App for Android

best slideshow app

1. Pixgram

This is a versatile video and photo slideshow app that comes with a wide range of features onboard. What’s even better is that this app lets you add music and even custom filters to your slideshows, adding more life to your presentations or photo collages.

In addition to helping you arrange photos and videos in a presentable format, Pixgram comes with a pretty decent video editor as well, so you can make all the necessary adjustments to your pictures or videos without leaving the app.

As far as music is concerned, choices may be fairly limited as they only offer a select range of online music. The video slideshows you make can be saved in formats such as 1:1, 16:9, and 9:16. Once finished, your slideshows can be sent to your friends and family.

Pixgram is a free app but is ad-supported. The app also has in-app purchases which will remove ads while also presumably including a couple of bonus features. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 and up.

Download Here: Google Play

best slideshow app

2. Scoompa Video – Slideshow Maker

Similar to Pixgram, Scoompa Video and Slideshow Maker has a wide set of tools to help you extensively create and modify your slideshows. It’s as simple as choosing the pictures and videos saved on your phone’s Gallery and creating your masterpiece. This app also comes with the ability to add music from online sources, while you can also import your own audio.

There are plenty of stickers to choose from with Scoompa which add further color to your slideshow. You can also access a wide range of animated frames on this app. As you would expect, it comes with a fair share of filters as well.

The user interface is pretty easy to navigate which makes this slideshow app all the more fun to use, especially if you’re into extensive video editing and slideshows. Scoompa is a free app on the Play Store but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download Here: Google Play

best slideshow app

3. SlidePlus

This comes from the popular team of Viva Video, and you can expect some similarities with regards to functionality, although there’s no annoying watermark from Viva Video. SlidePlus comes with a fairly simple concept, one that lets you select a bunch of photos or videos, add filters, and share them with your family.

You can also add music, although the sources are unlikely to be as extensive as Scoompa. The app comes with a wide range of slideshow preset themes to choose from, which can save a lot of time if you’re in a hurry.

All the features of the app are easy to access, which is why SlidePlus has gained significant popularity among slideshow apps. As is the case with most apps available today, SlidePlus comes with ads as well as in-app purchases. While the free version comes with a bulk of the core features, only paying users get access to additional themes and content within the app. SlidePlus will work on phones with Android 4.3 or higher.

Download Here: Google Play

best slideshow app

4. Google Slides

It’s hard to leave Google from any list of modern-day apps, and that can be said about slideshows as well. Slides is a fairly simple online tool, which has also been available in the form of an app for quite some time. Similar to mobile apps for Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and so on, Slides can sync with your Google account and save progress between devices.

In terms of features, Google Slides is a service that can be used by practically everyone. It can be used to edit existing presentations, create new ones, or even explore some slides for inspiration.

One of my favorite features of Slides is its ability to present slides when you’re in a video call, making it extremely convenient for long-distance presentations. The app can also sync with your calendar to help you join pending video calls without leaving the app. This app can be used with existing Powerpoint files as well.

The best part of all is that Slides is a free download on the Play Store and is devoid of ads or in-app purchases. Your search for the best slideshow app just got a lot easier.

Download Here: Google Play

best slideshow app

5. Microsoft PowerPoint

One of the early names in the slideshow business was Microsoft with its iconic PowerPoint software. This file extension is so popular that it is used even today (pptx), and is the standard format for most presentations around the world. So naturally, it makes sense to have the PowerPoint app on your phone.

However, unlike Google Slides, Microsoft’s Android app comes with a bunch of caveats. For starters, you will need an Office365 subscription for advanced features, although most users can get started with this app using a free Microsoft account. This will let you edit or create new documents.

However, if you already have an Office365 subscription, we cannot recommend Microsoft PowerPoint highly enough. It’s particularly impressive if you’re using a tablet with a 10-inch display or bigger as you get the additional real estate to edit your documents. Collaboration features work just as seamlessly as it does on the desktop or web version of Powerpoint.

This app is a free download on the Play Store and has in-app purchases. There are no ads. Given some software limitations, Microsoft Powerpoint will only work on smartphones running Android 6.0 and up.

Download Here: Google Play

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6. Photo SlideShow Maker

Now that we’ve discussed a bunch of professional apps, let’s talk about some apps that can be used by everyone. This app does pretty much what you expect from a slideshow maker, and does it with relative ease. It offers more than 18 themes to choose from, so you don’t need to customize and make your own themes for an upcoming slideshow.

Users can add music from a number of sources, which certainly adds to the customization aspect. It’s worth pointing out that this app can only make slideshows out of photos, and not videos. This limits its functionality to a certain extent. However, it’s certainly a good option for those willing to check out a photo slideshow maker.

Once you have your desired slideshow, you can share it instantly with your friends and family using social media apps. Your slideshows can also be saved to the Gallery for easy perusal at a later date.

This app is free to download on the Play Store and is ad-supported. Since there are no in-app purchases here, users probably won’t be able to remove ads. The app requires phones/tablets running Android 4.1 and higher.

Download Here: Google Play

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7. MoShow

This is a versatile photo and video slideshow creator app that comes with a variety of features. There’s the ability to add cinematic effects to your slideshows as well, something that isn’t possible on a lot of other apps.

This is an excellent app to make video slideshows of your family trips or of a recent event that you want to cherish for a long time. When you’ve chosen from a wide range of filters and other cool effects to add, you can save the slideshow and share it around with your peers.

Although the app is free to download, the company also offers a subscription service called MoShow VIP which unlocks plenty of additional styles and also the ability to save your videos in HD quality or in 16:9 widescreen format. The inclusion of these features certainly makes this one of the best slideshow app out there.

Fortunately, the app has no ads but there are in-app purchases for the aforementioned subscription. This app works on phones and tablets running Android 5.0 and above.

Download Here: Google Play

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8. Slideshow Creator

This slideshow maker app lets you choose up to 30 pictures at a time, giving you more options for your slideshow. Further, the speed and the frequency of photo visibility can be extensively controlled. The app has a healthy collection of music while you can also add audio from your phone or SD card.

The slideshows are saved on your default storage location and can be edited in the future if required. While it doesn’t bring anything extraordinary to the table, it’s a decent alternative to the other apps we’ve discussed in this article.

Slideshow Creator can be downloaded for free as long as you’re fine with advertisements. An in-app purchase will remove the ads for good. This app will work on devices running Android 4.4 and up.

Download Here: Google Play

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  1. Thanks for these awesome suggestions for creating a slideshow, a video format.
    Is there available a photo file show app, one that doesn’t require a video creation?
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    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your thoughts.

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