6 Best Sites to Send Anonymous Text Messages in 2024

Text messaging has come a long way since its inception a decade or so ago. This service has been completely taken over by instant messaging services mostly due to cost factors. This is why there are multiple free text messaging services available out there, allowing you to send a message without even requiring a mobile device or phone number to send a message. So which are some of the best sites to send anonymous text messages? Well, there are plenty, which is why we’ve decided to list them down in order to make it easier for you to pick out your favorite anonymous SMS service. Some of these even allow using aliases and be able to send anonymous texts , which can be perfect for pranks.

Moreover, these services also allow you to remain anonymous in order to prank your friends or loved ones. However, your IP address can still be tracked, so it’s not truly anonymous.

Best Sites to Send Anonymous Text Messages

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1. TxtDrop

This is perhaps the easiest to use free anonymous texting service out there. The interface is simple to understand, and needless to say an offering like this is a carrier’s nightmare. Its features might be limited to users of the U.S. and Canada though, with the ability to get delivered instantly if you’re in either of the two regions. All you have to do to get started is enter your email address, your contact’s mobile number followed by the message you want to send.

Why the email address, you might be wondering. Well, that is to let you read replies that you get for the text message, with the ability to hold a conversation through this medium. As we’ve mentioned, this is a free service and requires no payment or prior subscription.

Download it now: here

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2. Text For Free

This is not particularly the best looking website out there, but it still gets the job done. It covers all the basic essentials, although there’s no feature to allow users to reply back to your conversations.

This means that the site only asks for the receiver’s cellular number, the subject of the message as well as the contents of the text. There is also a list of supported carriers that are mentioned on a list below, so be sure to confirm which network your contact is on.

You can also send a free, anonymous texts with Text For Free. You can just enter the receiver’s cell phone number, the subject of the text message, and then the message content. After that, enter in the receiver’s cell carrier, and press the Send Free Text Message button! Easy as can be.

The website is a little more difficult to use, but accomplishes the same task as many of these.

The site promises not to share any of the collected data with third parties, and promises to keep the numbers safe. If texting is all you want and you don’t mind one way texting, be sure to take this for a spin. Messages are received almost immediately as you send them depending on the network’s performance at the time.

Download it now: here

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3. Anonymous Text

Next up, we have Anonymous Text. With this free service, you can send an anonymous text message to nearly everyone in the world. Pull up Anonymous Text, and you can draft up your message, and then type in a number of who you want it to go to. Once you’re satisfied with your message, press Continue, follow the prompts, and then your message should shoot over to that number.

With Anonymous Text, the cost is pretty low at just $1.25 per text. That’s a whole lot more affordable than going out and purchasing a burner phone phone.

Download it now: here

4. Send Anonymous SMS

This service doesn’t need an introduction as it is undoubtedly one of the largest handlers of free anonymous web-based text messaging in the world. The company claims that over 100,000 messages are sent from its data centers each day, speaking volumes about its popularity.

The website is pretty well designed and has all the features that you are looking for in the home page. This includes the ability to spoof your number entirely, which is a handy feature to have.

You then enter the receiver’s phone number as well as the country they belong to. By the looks of it, this service is available all over the world, although the messages might arrive faster in some locations depending on the proximity to the company’s servers.

A service like this is better suited for quick updates to your peers, whistleblowers and even those sharing secrets amongst each other. But since the data is not encrypted, be advised to not share information that may be too sensitive.

If it wasn’t clear before, this service is completely free to use with no charges whatsoever. There’s no replying feature, though, so there’s no scope for a back and forth conversation here.

Download it now: here

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5. AnonTxt

Fourth in our list of services that let you send text messages anonymously is the aptly named AnonTxt. This covers all the features that we’ve seen in other similar offerings with a simple and easy to understand website. You simply need to choose an alias, enter the number of your contact followed by the message you want to send, and that’s pretty much it.

The website makes it clear that this service is only available in the U.S. and Canada, so those out of the regions might be out of luck. Since you aren’t sharing your own details with the service, it’s not possible to have a conversation, which is perhaps the biggest downside to this.

While anonymity is kind of the point here, this service can also be used to send greetings or messages to your family and loved ones. The users can also choose a subject for the text message, allowing you to draft a proper and comprehensive text message as long as you stick to the 145 characters limit.

Download it now: here

6. Text’em

This is yet another no frills free text messaging service on the web that allows you to send messages to your loved ones in an instant. The best part about this service is that it lets you send unlimited messages without any character limit regardless of the carrier your contact is on.

Needless to say, this service only works in the U.S. and Canada, so it lacks global support as of now. Since this website also allows you to share your email address, you have the option to receive replies to your texts in the form of emails.

If you find that you don’t want to receive messages from the contact, you also have the option to block them instantly. This is an excellent feature with security of the users in mind. Anonymous text services or anonymous SMS are no strangers to pranks gone wrong and fake news being spread, which makes security an important aspect for any service that operates under this cell phone model.

Download it now: here

Best Sites to Send Anonymous Text Messages Verdict

Here we’ve shown you a variety of the free anonymous text messaging services. Any one of these will accomplish the task that you’re after — sending an anonymous text message to a number of your choice or anonymous texting. Just make sure not to use these text free apps that allows you to send anonymous text message for illegal activities like scamming.

Do you have any favorite services that you use for Send Anonymous Texts Messages? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

I hope that this apps reviews have helped you decide which free text service to use so that you can send anonymous text messages. Please show us your support by sharing this post and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Thank you for reading!

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