5 Best Screen Protectors For OnePlus 6

Smartphones have gotten extremely expensive, with many of them reaching up into the thousand dollar price range, for this reason, you need a Oneplus 6 screen protector. And there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing that your expensive smartphone has been littered with scratches and scuffs all over the screen only a couple months after getting your new smartphone. The bad news is that, after that happens, there’s really no way to clean it up. However, the good news is that you can prevent this from happening if you can get some added protection on your smartphone before you start using it on the daily with screen protectors for Oneplus 6.

Looking at your screen specifically, you can keep scratches and scuffs from ruining it by placing a screen protector on it. But, what screen protector do you get? Generally, they’re device specific, so today we’re going to be looking at some of the top-rated screen protectors for the OnePlus 6.

Best Screen Protectors For OnePlus 6

1. Loisa OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

The Loisa OnePlus 6 Screen Protector is made out of tempered glass, so you’ll get all of the great protections that that material brings. Your phone will stay protected against scuffs and scratches on the screen, and this screen protector will last a good while, as it is self-healing. You should have an easy time with the application, as Loisa gives you some tools to apply it. They even say that it’s bubble-free and is super resistant against scratches with its anti-scratch technology. It’s also shatterproof, so it can take a significant beating. It has a 1-year warranty and has an extra protector in the package.

2. IQShield OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

Next up, we have the IQShield Screen Protector. This protector isn’t tempered glass — it’s the standard film you get with IQShield’s own twist. IQShield calls its LIQuidSkin, which has a sticky adhesive and a wet application method to easily line it up on your OnePlus 6. It’s an anti-bubble film and will keep your OnePlus 6’s display looking high-definition. It has an anti-yellowing technology in it, so it shouldn’t start to yellow or gray over time either. The screen protector is virtually transparent as well, so you shouldn’t lose any detail in your screen as you do with some protectors.

3. G-MOST OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

Next, we have the G-Most OnePlus 6 Screen Protector. This is a tempered glass screen protector that will provide full coverage for your OnePlus 6. You can say goodbye to scratches and other nicks and dings. It has a black frame that matches up with the OnePlus 6’s frame for maximum protection. It has a 99.99% transparency rating as well, so you shouldn’t lose any detail in the display when watching videos or other media. G-MOST includes a second protector in the pack in case you mess up the application or need an extra for down the line.

4. AMOVO OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

The AMOVO OnePlus 6 Screen Protector is of the tempered glass variety, which is really the screen protector that you should go for. It offers unmatched protection in comparison to the regular plastic film screen protectors. It’s self-healing, so you should see scratches disappear over time. The protector will keep your OnePlus 6’s screen looking like it was just out of the factory. In addition, it’ll protect it from any big cracks, as tempered glass screen protectors are usually able to absorb and take the shock from drops and other accidents.

5. Omoton Tempered Glass Screen Protector

One of the best screen protectors that you can get for your smartphone is a tempered glass screen protector. Tempered glass is so much more useful than the plastic film that is normally considered a screen protector. The plastic film will keep your device free from scratches, but generally, they don’t last long, so you have to replace them quite often. Tempered glass screen protectors, like the Omoton, keep your screen protected for longer, even protecting your device from cracks and larger nicks. Tempered glass screen protectors are generally self-healing, too. So, over time, you’ll notice that small scratches just disappear from the screen protector. The Omoton Oneplus 6 screen protector is specifically a three pack, so you’ll either have a couple of tries if you get the application wrong, or have plenty of replacements.

Best Oneplus 6 screen protector Verdict

As you can see, there is at least Oneplus 6 screen protector that will suit your phone. In reality, any of the screen protectors will keep your phone protected; however, if you want maximum protection, we recommend going with a tempered glass option. Generally, they’re a little thicker because of the extra layers, but the protection is well worth it. You don’t want to skimp on protecting your investment!