From Left to Right: Best News Apps Tailored to Your Political Preference

In an era of growing polarization, it’s essential to maintain a balanced perspective on current events. Understanding different viewpoints enables you to engage in insightful discussions and make well-founded decisions.

Our curated list of news apps spans the political spectrum, offering left, right, and centrist viewpoints to ensure you receive the full gamut of perspectives.

The political biases for each of the news sources were based on the study done by allsides.com.

AllSidesMediaBiasChart Version7.2 2023

Best Liberal News Apps

  1. CNN – Breaking US & World News – CNN is a prominent liberal news provider offering round-the-clock coverage of global events. The CNN app presents the latest news, live video coverage, in-depth analysis, and exclusive stories. CNN’s reporting spans a wide range of topics, including politics, business, entertainment, and technology. Google Play Store link
  2. BuzzFeed – Quizzes, Celebrity & Trending News – BuzzFeed is a popular liberal news and entertainment website known for its captivating listicles, quizzes, and viral content. The BuzzFeed app features coverage of politics, technology, lifestyle, and more. The light-hearted yet informative approach makes BuzzFeed a go-to app for younger audiences seeking a mix of hard news and entertainment. Google Play Store link
  3. The Daily Beast – The Daily Beast is a prominent left-leaning news outlet that presents breaking news, opinions, and original reporting. With its focus on politics, pop culture, and world news, The Daily Beast app offers thought-provoking articles and analysis for readers who want sharp journalism and a progressive perspective on current events. Google Play Store link
  4. HuffPost – News & Politics – HuffPost is a well-known liberal news source that provides in-depth analyses, opinion pieces, and breaking news. The HuffPost app covers a range of topics like politics, environment, culture, and lifestyle, catering to readers seeking a progressive viewpoint and up-to-date news. Google Play Store link
  5. The Atlantic – The Atlantic is a highly respected liberal magazine and digital media outlet that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, technology, health, business, and global affairs. Known for its thought-provoking long-form journalism, expert analysis, and diverse perspectives, The Atlantic app offers readers engaging and insightful content that reflects a progressive viewpoint. Google Play Store link

Best Left-Leaning News Apps

  1. The New York Times – The New York Times is a highly respected left-leaning publication that delivers top-quality journalism and in-depth coverage of global events. The New York Times app features breaking news, investigative reports, opinion pieces, and multimedia content. Renowned for its high editorial standards, the app is an excellent choice for readers seeking comprehensive news with a liberal perspective. Google Play Store link
  2. Insider – Business News and More – Insider is a left-leaning digital media company that presents a wide range of news, features, and analysis. The Insider app covers topics such as business, politics, technology, and lifestyle, catering to readers of diverse interests with well-researched insights and in-depth reporting. Google Play Store link
  3. The Guardian – World News – The Guardian is a critically acclaimed, left-leaning British news source that covers both UK and international news. The Guardian app provides breaking news, features, and expert opinions on topics such as politics, business, culture, sports, and technology. With its progressive viewpoint and high-quality journalism, The Guardian app is an informative choice for news enthusiasts seeking global perspectives. Google Play Store link
  4. POLITICO – POLITICO is a left-leaning news outlet with a focus on politics, policy, and key global issues. The POLITICO app offers expert analysis, insightful perspectives, and real-time updates on political events. Users can access exclusive content, behind-the-scenes scoops, and newsletters within the app, making it a great tool for political enthusiasts seeking a progressive viewpoint. Google Play Store link
  5. Bloomberg: Market & Financial News – Bloomberg is a leading global business and financial news organization with a slight left-leaning perspective. The Bloomberg app provides up-to-date information on markets, finance, technology, and politics. It includes features like live TV and radio, personalized news feed, and expert analysis, making it an excellent platform for readers looking for comprehensive business news with a liberal perspective. Google Play Store link
  6. The Washington Post – The Washington Post is a prestigious left-leaning news outlet known for its in-depth reporting, investigative journalism, and insights on politics, business, technology, and culture. The Washington Post app comes with a clean interface, breaking news alerts, and customizable content, making it an excellent choice for those looking for comprehensive news coverage from a progressive standpoint. Google Play Store link

Best Unbiased News Apps

  1. The Hill – This app focuses on American politics and provides news, analysis, and information about Congress, the White House, and political events. The Hill is generally considered to be a balanced and reliable news source, catering to a broad political spectrum. Google Play Store link
  2. Reuters News – Reuters covers a wide variety of topics, including business, politics, technology, and more. It is known for its global reporting and is considered a reliable and unbiased news source. Google Play Store link
  3. BBC News – The BBC News app offers a comprehensive view of current global and regional news. Covering diverse subjects like politics, science, technology, and entertainment, BBC is often considered a reliable and unbiased news source. Google Play Store link
  4. Forbes Magazine – The Forbes app delivers business, finance, and technology news, along with expert commentary on various topics. It also features Forbes’ well-known lists, such as the Forbes 400 and the World’s Billionaires. While Forbes is primarily focused on business news, it is generally considered reliable, though some people may perceive a slight conservative or pro-business bias. Google Play Store link

Best Right-Leaning News Apps

  1. New York Post – The New York Post app covers a wide range of topics, including news, entertainment, sports, and opinion. The app offers breaking news alerts and a personalized home screen. The Post generally has a conservative-leaning bias in its political coverage. Google Play Store link
  2. The Wall Street Journal – The WSJ app provides business, financial, and world news, along with well-researched analysis and commentary on various subjects. The Wall Street Journal is known for its authoritative reporting but is also considered to have a conservative-leaning editorial stance. Google Play Store link
  3. The Washington Times – This app offers up-to-date news and opinion articles covering American politics, world events, and other relevant topics. The Washington Times is considered to have a conservative-leaning bias in its coverage and editorials. Google Play Store link
  4. The Epoch Times: News & Magazines – The Epoch Times app delivers news on various subjects, spanning from politics to international and local events. The app is known for its investigative reporting but has been criticized for its promotion of conspiracy theories and pro-Trump bias. Google Play Store link

Best Conservative News Apps

  1. Breitbart – The Breitbart app offers news coverage on U.S. and world events, focusing on political and cultural topics. It is known for its right-leaning and conservative viewpoint. Google Play Store link
  2. Daily Mail Online – The Daily Mail app covers a wide range of topics, including news, entertainment, sports, and more. While the app is primarily focused on UK news, it also addresses global events. The Daily Mail is generally considered to have a right-leaning, tabloid-style bias in its coverage. Google Play Store link
  3. Daily Wire – The Daily Wire app delivers news, opinion, and analysis from a conservative perspective, providing coverage mainly focused on U.S. politics and culture. Google Play Store link
  4. Fox News: Breaking News, Live Video & News Alerts – Fox News’ app covers news, politics, and entertainment from a right-leaning perspective. The app offers live coverage, on-demand content, and opinion articles. Google Play Store link
  5. Newsmax TV & Web – The Newsmax app provides news and opinion articles with a conservative viewpoint, offering coverage on U.S. politics, world events, and financial news. Google Play Store link
  6. OAN: Live Breaking News – One America News Network (OAN) app offers breaking news coverage, political analysis, and opinion pieces from a right-leaning and conservative perspective. Google Play Store link

Best News Aggregator Apps

Here’s a list of five highly-rated news aggregator apps for Android devices:

  1. Google News: Top World & Local News Headlines – Google News app offers a personalized news feed that presents articles from different sources tailored to your preferences. It also curates top stories from around the world. Google Play Store link
  2. Flipboard – Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle – Flipboard is a news aggregator app that allows you to customize your feed according to your interests. It features a visually rich magazine-style layout. Google Play Store link
  3. Feedly – Smarter News Reader – Feedly offers an organized, customizable news aggregator that combines various sources and allows you to categorize and save articles for later reading. Google Play Store link
  4. SmartNews: Local Breaking News – SmartNews delivers trending news from top sources in a smart, curated manner. It optimizes news delivery by analyzing millions of articles to bring you the most relevant stories. Google Play Store link
  5. Inoreader – News Reader & RSS – Inoreader provides a powerful RSS news reader that comes with a set of robust features, including offline reading, night mode, and customized feeds that suit your preferences. Google Play Store link

To maintain a balanced and well-informed perspective on current events, it’s important to consume news sources from different viewpoints. Be aware of potential biases and try to use a mix of apps covering left, right, and center viewpoints to get a comprehensive understanding of the news.

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