5 Best Games Like Factorio

Factorio is a real-time strategy game developed by Wube Software, while there are some games like factorio that are highly popular. It is a wonderful factory building game, in which you will settle and build great large factories, all running to be eventually automated — all for the sake of progress and production! But, beware of creatures trying to stop you! It’s a fun game that requires a lot of logic and strategy; however, if you’re getting bored with Factorio, there are plenty of other games that are similar to give you a more refreshing experience.

Best Games Like Factorio

games like factorio

1) InfiniFactory

InfiniFactory is a puzzle factory game developed and published by Zachtronics. In Infinifactory you are set inside a universe in which you are a sort of Foreman creating and designing factories to further the designs of…someone, you are not entirely sure who.

In InfiniFactory you will be building infinite factories to form and create objects, be it ammunition, supplies, or other strange intricate objects. The objects you must create are determined by the strange device showing you an object, Create the correct object, and you will have appeased your overlords. Create intricate and complicated designs for your factories in order to reach the end goal — delivering the necessary supplies with an army of factories.

Download it now: here

games like factorio

2) Planetbase

Planetbase is a space colony simulation and strategy video game developed by Madruga Works, where you are charged with building, maintaining, and driving a space colony, to a central space Trade Capital. In Planetbase you are given a choice of a few planets to colonize. After your choice, you are dropped on the planet with a set amount of resources to construct your base.

You will have to create oxygen with generators, and power through solar and wind, create water extractors, and everything necessary for your bases survival. There are other things you’ll have to consider as well, including but not limited to: beds, food, exercise, recreational activities, trade, and much more. Trade with other colonies in the galaxy will take place, with various visitors arriving should your colony prosper, and plenty of traders as well, seeking their fortune in your planetbase.

Download it now: here

games like factorio

3) Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a prison builder simulation game, in which you, the player, must build and maintain a prison full of murderous evil doers. Within Prison Architect, building a vast and complicated prison can be very enjoyable. If extreme building design is your love, than this is for you.

Deal with prisoner contentment with extreme order and an iron fist, or make them so happy they hope that they never leave. You can design a diverse prison full of hundreds of prisoners who all need their needs met, bathrooms, bedrooms, recreational rooms, you can even create electric chairs to punish your prisoners with! It definitely has some hints of Theme Hospital inside it!

Download it now: here

games like factorio

4) Gnomoria

Gnomoria is a construction city building, and managing simulator, with a hint of war and combat strategy mixed in. Gnomoria is a Dwarf Fortress-inspired title that brings intricate kingdom and city building with waves of survival against rival kingdoms and bandits.

Gnomoria may be the spiritual successor of Dwarf Fortress, but Gnomoria clearly handles the majority of its features a lot better, with simpler gameplay, and hundreds of options for fortress and building construction. Add to this the trading and expanding of population, and you find a very wonderfully improved Dwarf Fortress that almost looks like a medieval Factorio.

Download it now: here

5) Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world sandbox game that puts you into a randomly generated universe, full of its own quirks, and benefits, find massive mountains, and deep ravines, villages, and dungeons. Minecraft gives you the tool that you need to create massive fortresses, or humble villages, great armories, and even large scale farms.

When playing Minecraft, for the majority of the game, logic is thrown out the window for the sake of gameplay and creativity. Much as the name suggests, Minecraft brings you into mining through the caverns and caves of the world, creating massive pathways for which to mine and collect a great abundance of resources, even diamonds, and gold! You can use all of this to ‘craft’ and create objects to decorate your world, or to improve your combat prowess.

Combat prowess is an important thing to keep an eye out for come nightfall, as all sorts of demons and creatures of the night will hunt you and your base. But don’t worry, there is a gamemode you can switch it to so as to avoid any war if a peaceful free build is your thing!

Download it now: here

Verdict on games like factorio

Some of these delightful titles are quite popular but don’t let them overshadow the others. These are all wonderful titles for you to enjoy that are similar to Factorio. Sure, they might not be carbon copy clones, but many of them sill have that building aspect to them, be it space colony building, factory simulations, or city building survival games.

Do you have any favorite games like Factorio?

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