5 Best Cell Signal Boosters For MetroPCS In 2020

Having trouble getting a decent connection inside your home or office on MetroPCS’ network? It’s a common problem, and it often has to deal with how well the frequency you’re on can penetrate through walls and steel construction. There isn’t really a way to fix this problem with the technology itself — you just have to wait until 5G gets here to fix that. The way we can do this is through a cell signal boosters. Metro pcs signal booster has been rife with problems, but this is usually because folks use a cheap booster that they don’t want to pay too much money for — these just won’t amplify the signal well. You need a quality cell signal booster that is capable of amplifying that outdoor cell signal throughout your entire home. That said, if you follow along below, we’ll show you our top five favorites for best cell signal boosters for MetroPCS in 2018. Be sure to check metro pcs signal booster out.

However, we can temporarily fix the problem by using hardware to bring the signal you’re getting outside the home inside, and then amplify it for stronger reception.

Best Cell Signal Boosters For MetroPCS

1. weBoost Connect

The absolute best cell signal booster you can get on the market is the weBoost Connect 4G-X. This cell signal booster has rave reviews and is the perfect booster for large homes and smaller storefronts. This particular model is capable of boosting a 4G, LTE or 3G frequencies in area of up to 7,000 sq.ft. That’s a very large area, and will be more than enough for most consumers. If you’ve got a dead zone in your home that’s just frustrating — especially during a call — the weBoost Connect will be able to eliminate it no problem. The weBoost Connect works with all carriers in the United States as well.

2. SureCall Fusion4Home

Don’t want to spend the money on more than you need? Then you should consider what SureCall is offering with the Fusion4Home. It’s nowhere near as close to what the weBoost Connect offers — in fact, it’s only rated to cover 3,000 sq. ft. That’s around the size of an average American household, which makes it a little more optimal for consumers. Just like the weBoost Connect, the Fusion4Life is capable of boosting any network provider in the United States in your home, including MetroPCS.

You can expect to be able to amplify LTE, 4G and 3G networks with this cell signal booster. This means that it’s perfect for all areas, whether you live in a town where LTE is more than abundant, or if you live in a rural community where 3G is the only frequency you can get.

3. MobileForce Car Cell Booster

We also might suggest that you look at picking up a car cell booster. We’ve all had that experience where we have driven through a dead zone and dropped an important phone call. How frustrating is that! A car cell booster, in most cases, will be able to amplify the signal in your car and, therefore, keep you connected to your calls by increasing the signal and eliminating dead zones. With that in mind, MobileForce has designed a compact car cell booster that works quite well. You can expect the MobileForce to work just fine with MetroPCS, as it’ll work with all US-based carriers.

4. SureCall Fusion5X

The one thing about all of the cell signal boosters on this list is that they aren’t very great for commercial applications. For example, the weBoost Connect just isn’t going to provide enough coverage for you in a large office or warehouse. That’s where the SureCall Fusion5X comes in — it’ll boost and amplify your LTE, 4G or 3G signal, but the unique thing about this booster is that it will do that up to a whopping 20,000 sq. ft. It’s quite a system and can be quite a time investment to setup, but it’s well worth it if you’re in an area where the signal isn’t that great or if the construction of the building isn’t letting reception get through.

5. Phonelex GSM Booster

Last up, we have the Phonelex GSM Booster. This is a fairly nice device for bolstering 3G networks in your home. The Phonelex GSM Booster isn’t capable of amplifying LTE or 4G networks, so it won’t help you out much where LTE is prominent. But, if you rely on 3G a lot, the Phonelex GSM Booster can be a life saver for amplifying coverage, as 3G just isn’t as strong as, say, 4G or LTE.

Best metro pcs signal booster Verdict

What cell signal booster should you pick up? We recommend going with either the weBoost Connect or the SureCall Fusion4Home. These are both really nice consumer-ready cell signal boosters that are super easy to setup. But, if you need something that is more commercial-driven, be sure to check out the SureCall Fusion5X metro pcs signal booster.