7 Best Calorie Counter App in 2023

Calorie counting can be super helpful if you want to lose weight, and the best calorie counter app for your android device comes in handy. In fact, it really is one of the only surefire ways to lose weight. When you lose weight, you have a daily caloric expenditure — this is the calorie goal that you want to hit in order to maintain your weight. But, if you want to lose weight, you have to be at a deficit of that daily expenditure. That in mind, you need to count calories to make sure you’re staying below that daily caloric expenditure, and thus, a deficit. There’s really no other way to do this than to very carefully watch what you eat.

Modern technology has also made counting calories a whole lot easier. A lot of these applications have a huge database of food that allows you to quickly pick out what you ate and what calories is in it. Many of these applications even have the ability to scan UPCs, thus giving you the most accurate representation of what you’re eating. These applications also let you enter foods by weight (imperial or metric), so you can get an exact measurement of calories consumed.

As you can see, counting calories really isn’t that hard with modern technology. Not sure what calorie counting app to pick up for yourself?

Best Calorie Counter App

best calorie counter app

1) MyFitnessPal

One of the best apps on the market for counting calories is MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal allows you to organize your meals by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. It even allows you to track your water intake. MyFitnessPal has a large database that should help you find almost anything that you’re eating. As we already mentioned, the application also features a UPC scanning feature so you can quickly get a food entered into one of your categories.

Download it now: Google Play

best calorie counter app

2) Lose It!

The Lose It! app offers similar functionality to MyFitnessPal. There are a lot of similar categories — Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. You can track water intake just like MFP, and you can scan products into your database. One of the neat things about Lose It is that it’s a little more motivational than MFP. It has some neat meal planning features as well and will even allow you to track foods by taking a picture of it. You can create your own challenges to make weight loss fun.

Download it now: Google Play

best calorie counter app

3) Calorie Counter

Next up, we’re looking at the Calorie Counter by FatSecret. One of the advantages that FatSecret’s Calorie Counter has is the design. It has a very clean user interface with vibrant colors. It’s fairly straight forward and easy to access most of the app’s features, which makes it less confusing than, say, Lose It! and MyFitnessPal.

It has the most basic function that you would expect out of a calorie counter — the ability to keep track of your food, exercise (workouts), as well as your weight. You can actually regularly update your weight, which will show you a handy graph of how much you lost or gained over time.

FatSecret takes advantage of the world’s highest quality food and nutrition database, allowing you to easily keep track of and add your foods to the app.

One of the highlights of the FatSecret Calorie Counter is that there’s actually a community that you have quick access to. If you have questions, concerns, or simply need some encouragement on your journey, there are hundreds of people on the community boards there for just that!

Download it now: Google Play

best calorie counter app

4) EasyFit Calorie Counter

EasyFit’s Calorie Counter app looks like a Calorie Counter from the future in terms of design. EasyFit actually takes things a step further, allow you to easily track your food, water consumption, and specific nutritional macros. It’ll tell you how many calories you can eat per day, and even show you how many calories exercise and workouts free up.

One of the advantages to EasyFit is that everything in your app and the Food Diary is 100% private.  The application doesn’t use any strange permissions, so you can trust that your information stays secure. You can truly customize the colors and theme of the app to your own personal preferences as well, which ensures that you get something that you can enjoy looking at day in and day out!

EasyFit actually takes advantage of home screen widgets as well. This makes it easy to track your progress without opening the app, as it’s displayed through a widget right on your home screen!

EasyFit, similar to FatSecret, offers an interactive graph on how much weight you’ve lost, as well as how much your waistline has shrunk. It’s important to enter updated information regularly so that EasyFit can show you just how much weight you’ve lost over time!

Download it now: Google Play

best calorie counter app

5) MyPlate

MyPlate is another Calorie Counting application to consider. Made by Livestrong, you can keep track of what you eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks! It has a comprehensive food database of over 2 million items, helps you keep track of your water intake, keep track of your weight and progress over time, create custom foods and meals, and even allows you to use a barcode scanner to scan in foods. MyPlate can even give you a personalized calorie goal everyday.

The app is definitely worth considering, as it allows you to add in exercises (which can give you more calories you can eat during the day), and even synchronizes with services like Google Fit.

Download it now: Google Play

best calorie counter app

6) MyNetDiary

Next up, we have MyNetDiary. MyNetDiary is very similar to the apps we’ve already listed; after all, it is another calorie counting app, what else would you want it to do? It gives you the option for quick food logging — for all three meals of the day, as well as snacks. There’s even carb and nutrition tracking available with this app. The one thing that it does uniquely is allows you to keep track of medications as well — this is helpful for those that rely on insulin and other medications for their health. Check it out for yourself below!

Download it now: Google Play

best calorie counter app

7) Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Last up, we have Calories Counter & Diet Tracker. Again, it does much of the same of the other apps on this list — let’s you recording calories for all three meals for the day, including snacks. It allows you to track exercises and workouts as well, which can affect your calorie intake. The app itself allows you to choose your diet path and will assist you in your goals, whether you’re doing keto, no carb, the 1,200 calorie diet and so on! Check it out below!

Download it now: Google Play

Verdict on The Best Calorie Counter App

So, which calorie counting app should you get for your Android phone? We recommend going with MyFitnessPal or Lose It. Both have been around for a long time and provide a quality experience as well as a path to wellness.

What’s your best calorie counter app for Android? Tell us all about it in the comments section below, and it may just end up on our list at a later date.

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