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7 Best Boston Subway Map App For Android

Boston. The Athens of America. There’s a ton to do in this city, making it attractive for tourists all year round. Not only that, but it’s a city great for work, where major innovations are happening in Cloud computing and other industries. Suffice to say, the city is hopping, which makes traffic a nightmare! That said, you might want to consider using Boston’s mass transit system to get you from Point A to Point B just a little bit quicker. You can even make taking the subway — or any part of their mass transit system — a little more efficient by downloading a Boston subway map app for Android.

Downloading one of these apps is a must for both the commuter or tourist, you’ll find all the subway information that you could ever need for traveling around one of the greatest cities in the United States. Not sure which one to use? Let’s dive right in, and we’ll show you some of our top picks.

Best Boston Subway Map App For Android

boston T subway map app

1) Transit: Real-Time Transit App By Transit App, Inc.

And easily the best app for navigating Boston’s rapid transit system is Transit: Real-Time Transit, an essential and must have on every smartphone. With accurate, real time predictions on arrival and departures of Boston’s MBTA public transit system, you’ll be able to easily navigate around the metro area. As per the norm with many transit apps, it comes with simple trip planning features, point to point navigation, and service disruption notifications.

Download it now: Google Play

boston T subway map app

2) MBTA Boston

The MBTA Boston app is actually fairly simple. When not connected to the Internet, it gives you some brief ideas of how the Boston T Map area works. When you are connected to the Internet, the MBTA Boston app gives estimates of train arrivals. They actually make the T Area super easy to understand, helping you get where you’re going fairly quickly.

Estimates are fairly accurate as well. All arrival estimates come directly from the MBTA. Unfortunately, there aren’t any estimates for the Green line.

Download it now: Google Play

boston T subway map app

3) Boston Subway Guide

If you’re headed to Boston and want to navigate the hectic transit system, the Boston Subway Guide will help you navigate the T system easily. It’s a quick and easy way to navigate your way into and around the city, as well as a way to plan your route.

You’ll find a quick and convenient route planer with travel time and distance information, accurate subway times, and even a cost estimator so that you aren’t surprised when it’s time to pay.

Download it now: Google Play

boston T subway map app

4) Boston Transit

Coming in next, we have Boston Transit. With Boston Transit, you’ll be able to obtain real time information on any mode of transit within the MBTA system. The app will help you get from point A to point B very easily, showing you nearby modes of transit, real time information on arrival times, wait times, etc.

One of the highlights of this app is the simple and easy to use route planner, which can even be taken offline. Boston Transit allows you to keep an eye on real time information within the MBTA system. You can easily obtain information on delays or any changes, and have them sent directly to your phone as a notification. The best Boston subway app even shows you real-time positions of subways and bus’.

Download it now: Google Play

boston T subway map app

5) Citymapper – Transit Navigation

And coming in at second position — and a personal favorite of ours — is Citymapper, easily one of the most polished subway map apps for Android out there. Citymapper has all the usual transit musts like bus, subway and train routes and real time departure and arrival times.

You can just select what city you’re in, and then you’ll find all the relative information on that city’s mass or rapid transit system. There’s even a GPS locator to show you nearby stations. If you’re in a crunch for time, Citymapper is also able to give you the fastest route to any place including not only bus, train, and subway, but also by ferry, taxi, car, bike share, or good old fashioned walking.

Download it now: Google Play

boston T subway map app

6) Boston – T

Now, we have the aptly named Boston T. Everything you could ever need is packed into this app, whether a tourist or regular commuter. You’ll find an interactive map that you can navigate around, as well as real time arrivals, live status, offline scheduling, alerts, and more with the light rail and subway systems. Boston T even has information on how long you could be waiting for a train!

Now, Boston does have quite a few stations, which can make them more difficult to find and navigate. That’s why Boston T has a GPS locator that will show you the nearest subway or train stations. This one is an essential part of your smartphone and daily life.

Download it now: Google Play

7) aMetro World Subway Maps

If you travel all across the United States, you certainly don’t want a transit app for every city you visit on your phone. So why not use an app that supports the majority of major cities and capitals across the world? That’s why aMetro World is so useful — easily pull up subway maps, bus routes, trains, and other transit system information for major cities all over the world, including Boston and its outlying suburbs. There are a handful of other extra features inside, such as being able to plan your own routes. You can even find nearby stations with a GPS locator. Don’t expect to find real-time information on this app, however.

Verdict on The Best Boston Subway App

As you can see, you have a lot to choose from for navigating Boston’s MBTA rapid transit system — Boston T and Boston Transit are both excellent choices for the city specifically, but you might want to also consider more versatile and high-end options like Transit: Real Time Transit or Citymapper.

Do you have your own favorite transit app? Let us know what it is in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!

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