Best Bluetooth headsets in 2024 (so far)

While there are plenty of contenders for the crown of the best Bluetooth headsets, it goes without saying that the Apple AirPods Pro comfortably comes out on top for the range of features that it offers, particularly with iPhones. It also has a very decent battery life and noise cancellation.

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Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2020


Apple AirPods Pro

When we talk about some of the best Bluetooth headsets available in the market, it’s hard to beat the Apple AirPods Pro. It is the first in the AirPods lineup to come with active noise cancelling built-in, using a series of microphones. However, it must be noted that full compatibility is limited to Apple iPhones, including features like Transparency Mode. Don’t consider this to be a standard in ear Bluetooth headset, though.

It comes with a wide range of features to envy the best among the competition, making it the top product to beat in 2024. As far as battery life is concerned, this headset offers up to 24 hours of usage using the wireless charging case provided with the AirPods Pro. However, it’s worth noting that the battery life may come down significantly if noise cancelling is enabled at all times. It’s also fairly easy to use, even while taking calls.

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4127A Fu fL

Jabra Stealth

Why in the world would you ever go for a mono Bluetooth headset when it costs the same or more than decent stereo mobile accessories? Well, because sometimes, it’s wise to keep an ear free and connected to the surrounding reality, and because the Jabra Stealth offers clear call quality at both ends of the line

Thanks to the incredible microphone, the Stealth can somehow manage to reduce background noise to the absolute minimum. It also has a dedicated button to activate Google Assistant or Siri. One of the best features here is the inclusion of NFC connectivity for easy pairing, In terms of battery life, the manufacturer mentions that the Stealth can run for 6 hours on a single charge.

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Plantronics M70

As you can probably guess by its appearance, the Plantronics M70 is one of the most basic looking Bluetooth headset you will probably come across, though that’s with good reason. The company mentions that this is designed to make you feel as if you’re not even wearing it, which is thanks to its lightweight body.

The size also means it doesn’t have some of the features that are found on other popular Bluetooth headsets. However, it can provide all relevant information including details on battery life with a voice prompt activated with the press of a button.

Plantronics specifies that this headset can cut excess noise in the background, which is pretty much everything you need from a mono Bluetooth headset. In terms of battery life, the M70 can reportedly last for 11 hours, making it one of the best Bluetooth headsets among mono Bluetooth ear buds.

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Sennheiser Presence UC

The Sennheiser Presence UC is undoubtedly one of the top mono-headsets selling in the market today thanks to the wide range of features and perks it offers. While stereo headsets and earbuds are all the buzz today, mono earbuds still serve an excellent purpose for many occasions, and that’s where the Sennheiser Presence UC comes in.

The company mentions that this headset is compatible with enterprise solutions including the ones from Cisco, Avaya, IBM, and so on. To put it simply, the Presence UC will One of our favorite features here is the fact that it can connect to two devices at the same time, allowing for seamless switching between two devices (your phone and computer, for example).

As far as the hour battery life is concerned, this headset can offer 8-10 hours of talk time and hour battery life, which is fairly excellent for a hands free solution like this. Though there’s no built-in noise cancelling for a mono headset, the company mentions that it can reject most of the background noise to your listeners. If you’re in the market for one of the best mono Bluetooth headset, look no further than the Presence UC.

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Plantronics Voyager 5200

If you’re held back by other mono Bluetooth headsets due to the fact that they don’t have modern features, the Plantronics Voyager 5200 will definitely change your mind. Though this is not the smallest Bluetooth headset out there, it certainly serves its audiences well. The company mentions that this can be used by anyone who likes having hands free access, especially while outdoors.

While there are plenty of Plantronics Voyager headset models available in the market, this one sets itself apart by offering some new features like Amazon Alexa. With this built-in, customers can use nothing but their Bluetooth headset to control Alexa-connected appliances at home or office.

The manufacturer mentions that the battery onboard the Voyager 5200 headset can offer 7 hours of talk time with non-stop use. Additionally, it can last up to 9 days if kept in standby mode, which is a feature seldom found on Bluetooth headphones, thus putting this comfortably among some of the best Bluetooth mono earbuds available today.

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4127A Fu fL

Jabra Steel

The Jabra Steel is the second offering on our list by the company, the Jabra Steel mono headset is certainly one of the top headsets going around. This mono Bluetooth headset comes with an IP54 water-resistance rating, which basically means it can handle sweat and moderate rains but not submersion.

In terms of connectivity, this Bluetooth headset doesn’t require specific Bluetooth headset phones, and will work with practically any modern-day Android or iOS smartphone. The best part is that the Jabra Steel comes with a dedicated button to activate Google Assistant or Siri, which is in line with modern Bluetooth headsets.

The Jabra Steel also supports NFC for pairing, which is a handy alternative option to standard Bluetooth. Though there’s no noise cancellation, the Jabra Steel offers excellent noise isolation using dual microphones. Speaking of which, phone calls are crystal clear on this headset, which is certainly one of the first things you need to look for in Bluetooth headsets. This small yet powerful headset has a battery life or talk time of 6 hours as per the company.

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Plantronics Voyager Legend

The Plantronics Voyager Legend mono Bluetooth headset is a pretty robust offering. It can withstand rain, sweat, as well as coffee spills.

At the same time, it redirects audio to your phone when it senses the user doesn’t want to activate hands free and understands two very straightforward spoken commands – answer or ignore.

The company mentions that it can successfully separate your voice from up to 80 dB’s of background noise, making it one of the best in the industry right now. The company mentions that the Voyager Legend can run for 7 hours while offering a standby time of 11 days on battery.

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Amazon Echo Buds

Given that there are plenty of manufacturers for noise canceling earbuds today, it’s no surprise that Amazon also has a product of its own, known as the Echo Buds. Though this may appear to be a rival to the Apple AirPods Pro, the Echo Buds are found to be lacking noise cancellation, settling for noise reduction features instead.

Despite the absence of ANC, it can be said that the Echo Buds do a perfectly good job of blocking out background noise during phone calls. If you haven’t guessed it already, the earbuds also comes with Alexa built-in by default, letting you control a wide range of connected appliances around you.

So while the Echo Buds may not offer all the features that we find in industry rivals, it certainly is an attractive headset, down to the design as well as the features onboard. If noise cancellation is not a criterion for you, this may even make it to your best Bluetooth headset list.

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LG Tone Pro HBS-780

This is without a doubt one of the best stereo headsets with long battery life and great audio quality you will find. It bends around your neck for an ideal fit and stellar ergonomics. Additionally, it can stay on standby for 21 days while offering a whopping 15 hours in talk time. One of the key benefits of getting a stereo Bluetooth headset is that it can also offer improved noise cancellation as compared to standard mono earbuds.

The company mentions that it also comes with enhanced bass response, HD Voice, aptX compatibility, echo cancellation, and noise reduction, effectively covering everything you need from a Bluetooth headset. One of the only downsides here is that the Tone Pro comes with the older Bluetooth 3.0 standard. These earbuds can be purchased in Black, Gray, and Red colors.

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Samsung Level U Pro

Despite coming from Samsung, this is certainly not a Galaxy-exclusive headset. The Level U Pro can work with any Bluetooth smartphone, including iPhones. It’s good for voice commands with great audio quality and wirelessly initiating and answering voice calls. We highly recommend this for music thanks to the addition of Ultra High-Quality Audio (UHQA).

Much like the LG offering we discussed above, the Level U Pro has a comfortable fit and comes with a flexible and adjustable neck. Additionally, this headset comes with water and dust resistance enabled as well, making this one of the best earbuds out there right now. Moreover, this headset can run for up to 9 hours on a single charge. As far as stereo headsets are concerned, this is certainly one of the best out there.

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Sennheiser MB Pro 2

Now that we’ve spoken about some of the best mono and stereo Bluetooth headsets available out there, let’s take a look at an over-the-ear Bluetooth headset by Sennheiser. The MB Pro 2 has a pretty simple design with long battery life, though it’s fairly lightweight and has thin, yet flexible head-band.

If you’re looking to use this with a non-Bluetooth device, the included dongle will come in handy, particularly with computers and other devices that rely on USB. The addition of a neodymium speaker offers some of the best sound quality you can get from a headphone in this genre, giving it a competitive edge over its rivals.

With a run-time of 15 hours, it has an excellent battery life as well. However, there’s no concept of a standby-like feature here to extend battery for days.

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41kJRr 5BL

Conambo Bluetooth Headset

We know that not all Bluetooth headsets look the same. However, for the most part, mono-Bluetooth earbuds have pretty much the same design. This particular offering comes with a different twist on conventional mono earbuds by offering a properly cushioned earcup, as compared to an in-the-ear system. This headset is ideal for noisy environments.

In terms of features, the manufacturer claims that this headset comes with Bluetooth 5.0 built-in, which is the most recent standard although not compatible with every device available in the market today.

The headphone also comes with a button to answer/reject calls and activate voice assistants depending on your device. Additionally, the company mentions that it can run for 25-hours on a single charge. While actual performance may vary, anything over 20 hours from a Bluetooth earbuds is pretty spectacular.

This is without a doubt the best battery life of any headsets we’ve talked about so far. Unfortunately, there are no color variants available for this rugged looking headset, as it’s sold only in Black.

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Beshoop Wireless Earpiece

The Beshoop Wireless Earpiece has seen multiple upgrades since being available a few years ago, and the current iteration comes with Bluetooth 5.0 on board as well. As for compatibility, you don’t need a specific Bluetooth headset phone to use this headset as it can work with any modern-day Bluetooth device including those with Bluetooth 4.0. There’s no dedicated noise cancellation here, though the onboard noise background suppression feature works fairly decently.

In terms of design, it comes with a 270 degrees flip-boom arm that provides flexibility in terms of daily usage. The battery performance is rated at 10 hours, which is pretty decent for a headset of this size. There are three hardware buttons on the speaker, with one of them also acting as a dedicated Google Assistant/Siri switch. At just 19 grams, this is certainly one of the lightest Bluetooth earpieces you will wear.

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31K17yaXv8L. SL500Sennheiser Enterprise SolutionSennheiser Presence UC ML (504575)Check Price on Amazon
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310pn2cPAOL. SL500AmazonEcho BudsCheck Price on Amazon
4127A Fu fL. SL500JabraJabra Stealth Bluetooth HeadsetCheck Price on Amazon

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