5 Best BlackBerry Phone In 2020

BlackBerry for years has made some amazing smartphones, usually geared towards businesses and people who need extra productivity tools that are honestly useful. BlackBerry has also been one of the most secure smartphone makers, with it being the official smartphone the U.S. government used for many years. Now, it might seem like they’ve fallen off their throne with the advent of Android and iOS, but there’s still some Best BlackBerry Phone launching today. They might not make hardware anymore, but they do make excellent software. If you want to relive the BlackBerry does or see what BlackBerry is up to, here are our top picks for the best BlackBerry phones.

Best BlackBerry Phone

1. BlackBerry KEY2

The BlackBerry KEY2 is the most recent flagship smartphone to launch from BlackBerry. It’s powered by Android, with BlackBerry’s own skin atop of it. The KEY2 works to satisfy traditional BlackBerry lovers as well as consumers who love the modern smartphone. Not only has a physical keyboard been worked into the KEY2, but for those who prefer the digital on-screen keyboard, you have that option as well. It’s got a 4.5-inch keyboard, which is a bit smaller than most phones, but that’s to accommodate for the physical keyboard you get.

It’s overall a really powerful phone with a Snapdragon 660 processor, 6GB of RAM, and a whole 64GB of internal storage. Quick charge 3.0 means you can charge up the 3,500mAh quickly, and a dual rear camera gives you the ability to capture photos in great detail. Android 8.1 Oreo on-board gives you access to the latest that Android can offer, too.

2. BlackBerry Leap

On a strict budget, but still want to experience the world of BlackBerry? Then you might want to consider taking a look at the BlackBerry Leap. The one downside to the leap is no physical keyboard, but you can still take advantage of all the great things BlackBerry 10 has to offer, such as BlackBerry Hub, apps from BlackBerry World, and world class security. You can even download plenty of Android-based apps from Amazon’s own AppStore. It’s got a 5-inch display, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. Keeping everything running smoothly is a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

3. BlackBerry Classic

Next, we’re looking at the classic BlackBerry phone. The BlackBerry Classic has a 3.5-inch screen with a physical QWERTY keyboard right below it. With us being used to smartphones so large these days, the 3.5-inch display might feel uncomfortable for most. It runs on BlackBerry OS 10, which brings with it a ton of software capabilities, such as access to BlackBerry World as well as Amazon’s own AppStore. You get BlackBerry Hub to centralize all incoming communication. You’ve got BlackBerry Assistant on-board as well, which works as a Siri or Google Assistant replacement.

4. BlackBerry PassPort

The BlackBerry PassPort might be BlackBerry’s next best phone right now. The only thing that some folks would consider a downside in this phone is that it runs BlackBerry’s own OS — BB 10.3. Still, you get powerful hardware with a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. It’s got a 4.5-inch screen as well as physical keyboard right below that. BlackBerry OS has a lot of neat features available, with the “Hub” being the mane attraction, where it brings in all communication into one place. Even though it is BlackBerry OS, it still has all of your regular apps available — Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, BlackBerry World, etc. More can be downloaded from the BlackBerry store or even from Amazon’s AppStore.

5. BlackBerry KEYone

If you don’t want to spend gobs of money on the BlackBerry KEY2, the BlackBerry KEYone is still a formidable phone. It’s got a 4.5-inch 1,620 x 1,080 IPS LCD display, with a physical keyboard right below that. A Snapdragon 625 processor keeps things powered with 3GB of RAM helping you with multitasking. It runs Android 7.0 Nougat, which gives you full access to the Google Play Store; not only that, but you have a handful of BlackBerry apps on-board, such as the BlackBerry Hub. There’s a 12-megapixel camera for detailed photos that can even record 4K video.

Best BlackBerry Phone Verdict

There are tons of BlackBerry phones still on the market right now. Sure, not all of them may be available from this year, but they’re still high quality phones with unmatched productivity features. If you’re insistent on a smartphone from today with modern Android software, you can’t go wrong with what the BlackBerry KEY2 has to offer.