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Apple’s iPhone 16 May Skip A17 and Jump Straight to A18 Chip, Rumors Suggest

Apple’s iPhone series has always been a trendsetter in the smartphone industry, but the tech giant may be taking an unprecedented leap with its upcoming iPhone 16 models.

According to recent rumors, Apple is planning to bypass the A17 chip entirely and move directly to the A18 chip for its iPhone 16 and 16 Plus models.

This move could signal a significant performance boost and a departure from the company’s recent strategy of using previous year’s processors in its base models.

A Shift in Strategy

In an effort to offer more affordable options, Apple had been using older processors in its non-Pro iPhone models, starting from the iPhone 14 series.

While this approach did lower production costs, it also led to a noticeable decrease in performance without a corresponding drop in price. This strategy drew criticism from both consumers and analysts alike. However, it appears that Apple is rethinking this approach for its upcoming iPhone 16 series.

The A18 Chip: What to Expect

According to a report by analyst Jeff Pu, the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are expected to feature the A18 chip, manufactured using TSMC’s second-generation 3nm process, known as “N3E.”

This would mark a significant upgrade from the A16 Bionic chip used in the current iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models. The A18 chip is also expected to be used in the Pro versions of the iPhone 16, albeit with a “Pro” branding to differentiate it.

Implications for Consumers

If these rumors hold true, consumers can expect a significant performance difference between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 models, without an unexpected price increase. This could make the iPhone 16 series an attractive option for those looking to upgrade their smartphones.

For more details, you can read the original article on MacRumors.

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