Apple to Bring USB-C Support to AirPods

Following rumors about the shift of iPhone 15 to USB-C, Apple could also be transitioning the AirPods lineup to USB-C, commencing with the AirPods Pro. Alongside this change, Apple may incorporate more health tracking features in future releases.

Arrival of USB-C on AirPods

Renowned Apple leaker Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple might finally succumb to industry pressure and adopt USB-C. Top of its list is the AirPods Pro, which could likely feature a USB-C charging case as part of its refresh this year.

The standard AirPods and the premium AirPods Max will also switch over to USB-C, although this change could be deferred until “future generations.” Meanwhile, the regular AirPods may see a significant price drop this year, possibly decreasing from $129 down to $99.

Aligning at least one model of its in-ear device lineup with iPhone 15’s transition to USB-C will simplify user experience greatly. It implies that for the first time in many years, users would only require one cable (USB-C) for all their Apple devices. The tech giant’s smartwatch offering – the Apple Watch – already utilizes a proprietary magnetic charging dock on one end and a USB-C connector on the other.

A switch to USB-C could also broaden appeal among Android users since AirPods will remain functional despite no official support.

Exploring Health Features

Aside from hardware adjustments, Apple is also considering introducing health-related attributes to future iterations of the AirPods. The company is reportedly working on an innovative hearing test function that would analyze varying tones and sounds while harnessing surrounding data to assess an individual’s hearing capabilities.

Moreover, adding sensors that measure body temperature from within users’ ear canals is currently being explored. This proposed method is largely deemed more accurate than obtaining temperature readings from wrists via an Apple Watch. Consequently, it can potentially serve as an indicator of whether a person is suffering from an illness such as a common cold. However, these advanced features may still be well over several months or even years away due to Apple’s staggered three-year development cycle used for different iterations of the earbuds.

The iPhone 15 Connection

One piece of information coming out of Cupertino primarily anticipates that iPhone 15 will ditch the proprietary Lightning connection for a universally-acclaimed USB-C port. If implemented correctly, this step will assist in making proprietary cables obsolete despite their significance within Apple’s ecosystem. Moreover, aligning with industry standards strengthens global technology compatibilities further enforced by instructions from organizations like the European Union.

Final Thoughts

Despite no formal announcement regarding these updates by Apple, Gurman’s report provides significant evidence for a potential shift toward adopting standardized connectors like USB-C across all device categories including audio wearables like AirPods Pros. However, lots of answers still need to be addressed before any major product reveal event later in the year.

The possibility of bundling new health features into AirPods streamlines users’ experiences by providing beneficial insights directly linked with their wellbeing. Although some are speculative at present, advancements such as live body temperature measurements show promising indications of how wearable tech can evolve beyond pure audio-based functions.

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