4 Best Android HDMI Adapter In 2020

There was a time in the early days of Android when smartphones came with a mini HDMI port for easily displaying your Android device’s screen on an external monitor or TV. It wasn’t long before manufacturers began removing that, replacing it to make room for more processing power, larger SoC’s or different features entirely. That does leave Android users disappointed that it’s not so easy to display your Android screen on a full-size monitor now. However, it’s still possible, but with an HDMI adapter. Simply plug the adapter into your phone’s micro USB or USB C port, and the HDMI end in your monitor’s display input port. Once plugged in, you should be able to see your smartphone’s display on the big screen!

Android HDMI Adapter

Unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage on the market. Some manufacturers try to coerce you into purchasing adapters and cables that don’t work. By following this list, you’ll see only the best HDMI adapters for Android, guaranteed to work and provide you with a phenomenal experience.

Here are our top picks.

ZIKO Adapter For Android

First up on our list is the ZIKO Adapter For Android. The ZIKO Adapter works without any extra software or finagling. Plug it into your Android device, and then plug it into a supported monitor or TV, and you can enjoy your phone’s content on the big screen. It’s worth noting that this adapter says there are only certain apps supported — for example, it’ll work flawlessly with apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Google Play Movies, but it may not work with John Doe’s hunting tracker application. You also have to make sure you’re using a supported TV, and since ZIKO doesn’t provide a list of supported TVs, it can be a bit of a hit or miss, though it’s easy to return through Amazon — minimal hassle involved. One of the neat things is that it does come with a Lightning adapter, which means you can display your iPhone or iPad’s screen on a larger monitor or TV, too.

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RayCue HDMI Plug and Play Adapter

The Micro USB to HDMI Plug and Play Adapter is one of the best Android HDMI adapters that you can buy on this list with it, and there are no drivers or special software needed. It works just like you would expect it to based off of the name — plug the micro USB end into your smartphone or tablet, and then take an HDMI cable, plug it into the converter box, and then the monitor or TV of your choosing. The only requirement to using this adapter is that the smartphone you’re using has MHL technology built-in. Most smartphones do these days, but it’s good to double-check — you can check for sure by plugging your model number into Google and looking at the specs on GSM Arena or a similar phone database.

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Analogix Semiconductor 4K HDMI Adapter

You might also want to consider the Analogix Semiconduxtor 4k HDMI SlimPort Adapter. This adapter plugs into your phone’s micro-USB port, and then you use an adapter to plug into the conversion box, and then your input, which could be a monitor, TV, or some other device. It doesn’t come with an HDMI cord, so you will need to provide that on your own. That said, Analogix’s 4K HDMI Adapter only works with phones that support SlimPort. So, be sure to check out the product description at the link below to make sure your device is one of the supported options.

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Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable

If you’re one of the few people lucky to still have a micro HDMI port on your smartphone, then connecting your smartphone up to a monitor or TV is super easy — all you need is a micro HDMI to HDMI cable. Now, you do have to be careful what cables you buy — companies try to make them cheap by skimping out on material and not following HDMI standards, which means you could end up with a defective waste of money in your mailbox. With that in mind, you can rest assured that Amazon’s micro HDMI to HDMI cable will be more than reliable. It’s a 10-foot cable, so you should be able to reach it almost anywhere. You can even choose to get it up to 15-feet, or smaller if you so want.

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As you can see, with an adapter, it’s quite easy to get your Android phone’s display on a larger screen. Anyone of these adapters will help you do that, make sure that your phone is a supported model!

Android HDMI Adapter