5 Best Wireless Charger For Jitterbug Smart 2

So you’ve got a Jitterbug Smart 2, and you’re looking to outfit it with sweet, new charging equipment — after all, charging by micro-USB, and even by wire, just isn’t cutting it anymore. You don’t want to have to deal with annoying wires, let alone annoying wires that provide you a charge slower than molasses. Luckily, you can very easily outfit your Jitterbug Smart 2 with fast, wireless charging — all you need is a cheap Qi receiver.

So if you’re ready to start charging over wireless with your Jitterbug Smart 2, follow along below and we’ll show you some of the best picks out there for wireless chargers today. Let’s dive right in.

CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger

Coming in as our number five choice for the best wireless charger, we have an excellent option — the CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger. One of the highlights of the CHOETECH is that it’s actually a stand, not a pad — set this one up on your desk, and you can easily set the Jitterbug Smart 2 on it., where you can easily manage your notifications and even take phone calls without interrupting the charging process. The highlight of the CHOETECH is the many different charging modes available — standby mode, fast charge mode, and then a standard charging mode, which is automatically selected using built-ion AI technology. It’s able to automatically detect the charging speed that your Qi receiver is capable of, and will provide you the quickest, but safest charger available to you.

Samsung Wireless Charging Stand

Let’s face it, the amount of wireless charging pads available on the market is near ridiculous — the market is literally flooded with cheap charging pads that you don’t want to mess with. That said, you might want to consider picking yourself up the Mercedes of wireless chargers — the Samsung Wireless Charging Stand. This one will cost you a little bit extra, but will last you forever. You can use it in the default “pad” mode, or you can switch it over to a stand when you need to keep a better eye on notifications and such without interrupting charging.

There are a number of safety charging features to keep both your Jitterbug Smart 2 and the wireless charger safe in the event of an electrical issue, such as over-charging or an electrical spike.


Coming in as our third contender, we’re looking at the SurgeDisk wireless charging pad. This one will meet the means that you’re looking for — fast wireless charging, just like any of the chargers on our list; however, SurgeDisk stands out from the crowd with its “Made From Nature” tagline. Instead of the traditional plastic construction, SurgeDisk literally uses wood for the primary material — in this case, a light bamboo. It’s really stylish and makes it stand out from other charging bases on the market; however, not everyone is a fan of the color that lighter woods bring, so SurgeDisk does offer a darker, walnut color.


Second up on our list, we’re looking at the Satechi Fast Charge. This modern fast charging base will do an excellent job at juicing up your Jitterbug Smart 2. Charging is extremely quick, and it’s also safe with a number of safeguards built straight into the circuitry. Suffice to say, this is one of the best options that you can pick up for your Jitterbug Smart 2 right now.

Just like the wooden SurgeDisk option, the design is what really makes this one stand out from the crowd — it’s actually pretty similar to the SurgeDisk in terms of its circular disc form, but Satechi actually takes on a much more modern approach to the design. It has the aluminum construction, and then gold accents keeps it looking extremely attractive. By default, the accents come in Gold, but you can choose from Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray options as well.

Seneo Wireless Charger

And coming in as our first and number one choice, we’ve got the Seneo Wireless Charge. It’ll work with the Jitterbug Smart 2 just fine, and actually operates on a similar level to the CHOETECH Wireless Charging Stand. Set your Jitterbug 2 on this stand, and charging begins immediately — not only that, but the perspective makes it easy to manage and handle notifications. A number of charging safety features built into the circuity ensures that your phone and charging stand stay safe from electrical problems.


We’ve shown you five of the best wireless chargers available for the Jitterbug Smart 2. Any one of these charges will help you bring your Jitterbug Smart 2 into the modern world with wireless Qi charging. Just make sure that you pick up a Qi receiver alongside one of them!

Do you have a favorite wireless charger for the Jitterbug Smart 2? What is it? Let us know in the comments section below.