5 Best Widgets For OnePlus 6T To Customize Your Home Screen

One of the frustrating things that you hear from iOS users all the time is how it’s impossible to customize the home screen the way you want. Beyond swapping out the wallpaper, there’s not a whole lot that you can do to make the home screen “yours”, they say. However, on Android, and more specifically the OnePlus 6T, that’s the complete opposite situation — you have full control and customization of your home screen. You can swap out icon designs, launcher setups, wallpapers, notification icons, and so much more. You can even customize your home screen a bit more with the quick access functionality that widgets can provide.

Want to make your smartphone really stand out and be an image of who you are? Then customizing your OnePlus 6T with a handful of widgets will help you do just that. Not sure widget to snag for your OnePlus 6T? Here are our top picks.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an excellent way to customize up your home screen. If you need a way to better manage your upcoming events, schedule, and days, Google Calendar is an app with a clean user interface that makes this possible. Not only that, but Google throws in their own Calendar app that you can place on the home screen so that you can manage your days — and see upcoming events — right from your home screen. You won’t have to open the Google Calendar app ever again! Google Calendar gives you all different types of grid sizes that you can choose from so that you can make the widget fit alongside the other apps on your screen.

Download it now: Google Play


Need quick access to music streaming? Then you’ll definitely want to make sure you have Spotify on your OnePlus 6T. Spotify gives you access to a massive library of content for music streaming — you can stream almost any song that you want online with Spotify; however, you don’t always want to jump in the app and search for a song to start streaming. It takes a lot of taps to jump through to get music in your ears; however, Spotify has included a widget that you can place on your home screen, which allows you to just press the Play button on the widget to immediately start streaming. You can play and pause music directly from the widget, and you can even skip or play a previous track.

Download it now: Google Play


Coming in as our third contender, we’re looking at AccuWeather. Most Android phones don’t come with a pre-installed weather app, which means that you have to search for one yourself. Luckily, AccuWeather is a great way that you can look at upcoming temperatures and weather patterns on the way to your location. Not only that, but it’s a great way to give you information on whether it’s going to snow or rain, and even warn you of weather advisories and warnings. That’s information all available inside the app, but luckily, AccuWeather allows you to customize your home screen with a widget that gives you quick highlights around all of this information.

Download it now: Google Play


Google Clock is next up on our list. The app itself provides you with a bunch of functionality, but the included widget is easily the best part of this one. Place the widget on your screen, and you can get a full size clock to look at when you unlock your phone. Google Clock also allows you quick access to alarm clocks, timers, and more! Depending on the grid size that you choose, you can even manage multiple timers and alarm clocks.

Download it now: Google Play

Google News

Google News is one of our favorite ways to start customizing your OnePlus 6T home screen. As you likely already know, news is just extremely difficult to manage, especially when you’re trying to find what’s important out there. That said, Google News only shows you the important highlights for the day, immersing you right in what you need to know. You don’t even ever have to open the app — just place the widget anywhere on your home screen, and Google News, depending on the grid size you go with, will give you quick access to the news you need to see.

Download it now: Google Play


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent apps that come with widgets to customize your OnePlus 6T home screen. Any one of these widgets will provide you with some excellent quick functionality, though we do have to say that the Google Calendar widget is a definite favorite. Do you have a favorite widget you use on your home screen? Let us know what it is in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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