5 Best Video Editor Apps For Android

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Video Editor

This app has a somewhat vague name, but is pretty popular on Android right now. Most users simply want to edit videos on their Android smartphone or tablet, and don’t want an elaborate editing process. This particular video editing app succeeds in every regard, thanks to the simplistic approach taken by the developers. The app can be used to edit your Instagram or YouTube videos, giving you all the essential tools to make sure your videos come out perfect. The app lets you add effects like blur, cropping, and much more. This is a pretty big deal considering the fact that this is a free app. You can also add features like custom music, subtitles, images etc within the images.

If you find that the app doesn’t offer what you want, you might want to consider investing in the Pro version of the app which comes with a handful of other editing features on board. In my experience, this is the most comprehensive video editing app that you can get for free right now. Naturally, if you want to get more out of the app, you can simply make an in-app purchase. The app has already been downloaded nearly 100 million times, suggesting that it’s pretty popular with the masses.

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