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5 Best Speech To Text App For Pixel 3 XL

If you haven’t yet found a good way to dictate your voice into text, then you need to check out a quality speech to text app for Pixel 3 XL. It can be difficult hand typing your messages out on a keyboard, especially if you’re a busy person. And you certainly don’t want to be typing out messages while you’re driving down the road. Speech to text app fixes both of these problems, allowing you to use your voice to create messages without ever having to touch the keyboard.

Most Android phones come with built-in dictation. You just need a text field, and then you should see the microphone pop up near the bottom of the keyboard. Tap it to use it. However, some folks would rather have an app or “space” to dictate their messages in, which is why speech to text apps have become so popular.

With so many speech to text apps for Pixel 3 XL available on the Google Play Store, it can be difficult choosing the perfect one. If you follow along below, you can check out five of the best that we’ve hand picked for you. Here are our top picks.

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SpeechTexter comes in as first up on our list, and is one of the more speech to text apps for Pixel 3 XL. It has industry leading dictation software, allowing users to even take advantage of features like continuous voice dictation. With a feature like that, you don’t have to pause between words or sentences — just continue talking and SpeechTexter will be able to fully recognize it. You can use the English language with SpeechTexter — which advertises an accuracy of 95% — but there are sixty other supported languages, too. SpeechTexter can be used in offline mode, but accuracy does degrade when you’re offline.

Download it now: Google Play

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Speechnotes is next up on our list, and it’s probably one of the more polished speech to text applications on our list. Speechnotes’ goal is to make voice dictation as efficient and easy as possible. That said, Open up the Speechnotes app, tap the microphone button, and you can start dictating messages almost immediately. With support for continuous dictation, you can continue talking as much as you want and Speechnotes will dictate it — no need to pause and wait between words and sentences.

Speechnotes is actually really accurate in voice dictation. This is because it uses Google’s own voice dictation engine that they’ve crafted over the years. On top of that, Speechnotes is crafted with a modern and elegant design.

Download it now: Google Play

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Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook comes in as next up on our list. This is one of our favorite speech to text apps because it gives you a large space for fleshing out your notes. They make it easy to take notes with just your voice, and dictation is actually very accurate. Voice Notebook will even dictate your voice when you’re not connected to the Internet; however, accuracy does degrade when you don’t have a connection.

Overall, Voice Notebook is a beautiful, intuitive app that is easy to use. It’s a very polished application for note taking. Not only that, but it will allow you to save your notes locally, but you can also upload to them to the Cloud for easy access and easy sharing.

\Download it now: Google Play


Speech to Text

Speech to Text comes in as next up on our list, and is another app that’s able to convert your speech into text. It does this pretty accurately, and while it is essentially the same function as others on our list, it does have some decently unique features. Open the Speech To Text app and you’re immediately brought to a field where you can flesh out your messages. Dictate your message, and then you can enter in a phone number or email address as the recipient. Then, just choose send as Email or send as SMS.

Download it now: Google Play

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AutoWrite might be last up on our list, but it’s one of our favorites. This one has excellent accuracy inside it because it uses Google’s own voice dictation engine. Suffice to say, you get to use leading voice dictation technology with AutoWrite. Open the app, and you can immediately start dictating your voice message. Once you’re done, you can choose to share it on various social and messaging platforms — this could be with a friend on WhatsApp, through a contact in your Phone app, or some other messaging platform. One of the cooler things about it is that it’s able to automatically recognize punctuation and grammar, allowing you to focus on the contents of your message.

Download it now: Google Play


There are a lot of speech to text apps available for free on the Google Play Store; however, most of them essentially do the same thing. What we’ve shown you so far, however, are fully featured apps with all sorts of neat features to make note taking easy. Do you have a favorite speech to text app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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