5 Best Skeletal System Apps For Kids

The human body is a marvel and one that kids can be absolutely fascinated by.  What is the foundation of the entire thing: the skeleton. That solid base that allows and restricts the way that we move.  A well educated and rounded child will need to learn about their body and at least basic skeletal structure. So what are some good apps for that child that is headed towards the big bucks of medicine or maybe the kind hearted soul who gives up self to care for the needs of others?  Here are 5 of the best apps to help your child discover the human body and its bones.

Kids Body Part Learning

Knowing your body is important.  Learning how it works and how to care for it help a child to become knowledgeable and involved in their own health decisions.  This is a game that believes that the sooner a child starts to learn these things the better off they will be. They have a fun cartoon like child for learning the body on.  There are lots of mini games for kids to play from a preschooler learning what a head, eyes, ears, and mouths are to an older child learning the rib or pelvis. Learning to recognize the parts or learning how to spell them, this app is great for your blossoming doctor or EMT/Firefighter to hone their skills.

Download it now: Google Play

Anatomy4Kids Human Anatomy

This is your next step in studying the skeletal system.  This is a great app for that primary or secondary child with a mind toward medicine or acing their biology test.  Covering bones, muscles and organs, this app has two different modes. One is a learning side where it helps to label and help you learn about the parts.  The second mode is the quiz mode where it test you on the location and what the parts are. This app has the added benefit of being not only in English but in Spanish too.  So once your child has learned the parts in their native language, it is easy to cross over and become a bilingual expert of human anatomy.

Download it now: Google Play

My Incredible Body: For Kids!

This app may cost some money to help your child, but it is also the winner of the Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award.  It helps children as well as adults to learn the human body. With body parts that you can get up and close with seeing not only the part itself but the inside and how it works and functions.  Experience digestion, breathing, blood flow. Learn how the skull fits together and skeletal wonders. Watch videos about the brain, muscles and the reproductive system. With all the exciting ways to experience and learn about the body, your child will be passing those biology tests with ease.

Download it now: Google Play

Human Anatomy: Body Parts Guide

This app does not have the games like the other apps do.  It is more of a straightforward map to the human body. The skeletal system is covered in two parts: back and front.  All the bones are labeled and clearly shown. This is more for the child that just needs to rote memorize all 206 bones in the human body.  It is not the most exciting app, but it is free and has the information that may be needed for a more in depth test.

Download it now: Google Play

Super XRay Scan

Just Fun. This app does not have the entire body or skeletal system.  It actually only has the hand. It doesn’t label anything. It doesn’t teach your child any body parts.  But what it does do is pretty cool for that kids interested in the body. It uses your camera on your phone and superimposes the skeletal structure of the hand onto your hand.  So you can move your hand around and see how the skeleton would move or flex. Yes. It is kind of a gimmick and may get boring quickly, but is also a fun and interactive way for a kid to get the idea of what a skeleton is and does even in their own body.  One other point, please do not believe and ignore all the reviews telling you that this app will work as an xray machine on your body to self diagnose issues. It just superimposes a hand.

Download it now: Google Play


There are lots of levels that you can be learning the skeletal system on.  And lots of other things that you can learn about the human body. These apps will help you find the right choice for your child and their learning level. Hopefully they will have a lot of fun and learn to appreciate the miracle that their body is.

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