5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For LG X Charge

One problem that is apparent with all budget devices is the lack of storage. Most of these devices are extremely limited in the specs that they can offer because of the market that they’re geared towards — that said, there’s often enough for the operating system, a couple apps, and that’s it, unfortunately. The LG X Charge is one of those devices, but luckily, LG has outfitted it with a microSD memory card slot so that you can easily increase the storage size.

Not sure what microSD memory card for Moto E4 is a good choice? Then be sure to follow along with us below — we’ve constructed a list of all of the best options on the market right now. Let’s dive right in.

SanDisk Extreme PRO V30

And in fifth place, we’re looking at SanDisk’s Exteme Pro card. SanDisk is a reputable name in the camera and storage industry, so the Extreme Pro might not be one you want to pass up. This particular model has plenty of space inside of it, allowing you to outfit your LG X Charge with up to 64GB of extra capacity.¬†You’ll have plenty of room for extra photos, videos, apps, documents, and more. This microSD card does come as 4K ready, so you can trust that it’ll be able to keep up with almost any task. Data transfers are pretty impressive, coming in at 90MB per second in write speeds and 100MB per second in read speeds.

SanDisk Extreme PLUS U3

Coming in as our number four contender, we have yet another choice from SanDisk themselves — the Extreme PLUS microSD card. As with most microSD cads on the market, simply set this one in your LG X charge, and you’ll get a whole 64GB of extra storage space to outfit your deice with for extra photos, videos, documents, offline content, and more. As per the norm, SanDisk includes a ton of extra resistances and proofing inside of the card — you can easily use this in adverse conditions without a risk of actually breaking it. There’s specifically water and dust protections here — so there’s no worries about dropping the card in a body of water and destroying it.

Samsung Pro+

Moving away from SanDisk, the Samsung Pro+ comes in at third place. This one is a little on the pricier side, but will give your Moto E4 up to an additional 128GB of space to work with. That’s plenty for photos, videos, apps, and more. You’ll get some of the best data transfer rates around in a microSD card with the Samsung Pro+ — specifically, there is 95Mbps in read speeds, and 90Mbps in write speeds. The Moto E4 is certainly not capable of 4K; however, this is also one of the few cards on the market that come out as 4K-ready. You can not only use it to easily film 4K video, but you can use it to store and edit it as well. It’s super versatile in that you can use it in any microSD-supported device as well.

Samsung Evo Select

In second place, we might not have something as powerful as the Samsung Pro+, but it doesn’t have the high cost of the Pro+ either. We’re talking about the EVO Select, which is a perfect mix between affordability and performance. You can get this all the way up to 256GB, but just keep in mind that pricing scales with your storage size of choice. Again, this is no Samsung Pro+; however, the data transfer speeds are pretty good in the EVO Select, giving you a sweet 100MB in read and 90MB per second in write. It’s the perfect cross between high-end performance and affordability.

Samsung Evo PLUS

The Samsung EVO Plus comes in as number one on our list, and is easily one of our favorites because of the sheer affordability. You’ll only spend a couple of dollars on an EVO Plus card, depending on your storage size choice. That said, this particular model — the 64GB — will give you enough room for tons of photos, videos, and apps. The EVO Select is that card, providing you with good speeds, but most of all, plenty of space.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent choices out there for the Moto E4. Any one of these will give you the extra storage capacity that you need to make the Moto E4 a little more practical. But, if you’re looking for high-end versatility, you cannot go wrong with the Samsung Pro+.

Do you have a favorite microSD memory card, or one that you prefer for the Moto E4? Let us know what it is in the comments section below!