5 Best Math Apps For Kids On Android

Some of us still have nightmares from grade school; where numbers turn into monsters hiding under the bed or in the closet waiting for you to close your eyes so they can jump out and gobble up your restless sleep. At the same time you might close your eyes at night floating on the clouds while dreaming in fractions and 15 page complex problems. What is the subject we’re talking about? If you haven’t already figured it out; it’s the often dreaded and sometimes loved “math.”

Math. Some people love it; while others hate it. No matter your feelings on the subject it’s a part of every-day life! With that in mind we have a list of 5 apps that are sure to help you advance your skills and deal with math in classes or in every-day life more easily!

Learn Math

In fifth place we have Learn Math! by Fancy Owl Studios. This app puts Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division into a game format to make it easier to learn. For basic levels of math this introductory app is an awesome one to start with. Whether adults or kids you will be learning with minimal levels of work in no time.

Download it now: Google Play

High School Math: Practice Tests and Flashcards

Are you in high school and need a bit more practice before that upcoming test or ACT? Then you’ll want to try our fourth choice app. High School Math: Practice Tests and Flashcards provides for great practice and flashcards. You can also connect with tutors through this app. One of the down sides is the app itself is not going to teach you much; rather it will help you practice what you have already been learning or help you connect with a tutor who can help you figure it out. If it sounds like this one will be helpful be sure to download it today!

Download it now: Google Play


We have been familiar with our third choice app for some time now. PhotoMath is an all-time favorite. With this app if you have a complex problem you’re working on just open the app, take a picture and it will walk you through how to solve it and come up with a solution right there. This app is a real gem. Even if your life does not currently revolve around education I highly recommend downloading it today. You never know when it might pull you out of a jam!

Download it now: Google Play

Complete Mathematics

Our second best pick for apps to help you learn math is Complete Mathematics and comes to you all the way from Sweden! Containing basic, intermediate and advanced forms of math this app really does provide some of the best tutorials around to help you learn math. Whether you fall in the category of loving math or hating it and doing as little as you can this is the app for you. The makers of this app strive to simplify even the most complex subjects. This app is regularly updated to keep its content fresh and relevant to today’s methods. You won’t be sorry if you try this app today!

Download it now: Google Play

Khan Academy

You’ve heard their ads on the radio. You’ve seen their ads on the TV. You may even know someone who works for them! Our number one choice of apps to learn math is brought to us by the world famous Khan Academy. The Kahn Academy is a well known tutor service with several teachers on staff helping even those who just “don’t get it” to get past their mental blocks in many subjects. With thousands of articles, videos, practice questions, step-by-step hints and even instant feedback learning math for free has never been easier. If you’re still struggling with math you can also connect with someone who can help even more. It doesn’t get much better than this. You Kahn do it! Be sure and grab their app today and start on the road to success!

Download it now: Google Play


So there you have it; whether you prefer games for simple math or need the advanced help of a teacher to figure out the latest quadrilateral equation in your advanced surveying mathematics course there is an app above that is sure to take you where you need to go and help you advance your skills and knowledge! No matter if you were hiding under the covers from the monster numbers or embracing them as a friend while floating on the clouds in your dreams you have found the right place to guide you to apps that are sure to help you move further along in life. Be sure to download one (or more!) and begin increasing your math skills now.

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