5 Best Games Like XCOM

XCOM is a notoriously unique game, so much so that XCOM has become its own genre, as many titles are coming out using this system of which XCOM has created. With so many gems out there showing up, all with similarities and roots in the XCOM series, you might be wondering if any of these compare to the XCOM series, so that you can start playing some games that have a similar experience. That said, we constructed this list to show you all of our favorites. And so, without further ado, here they are:

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is an upcoming turn-based strategy video game mirroring XCOM in numerous ways. It’s being developed by Snapshot Games and is set to release in September 2019. This one is actually being developed by the creator of XCOM, and so, this is one to keep an eye on, as it’ll be most similar to XCOM.

With new information being released and given to the community, and being in Early Access, it’s looking more and more exciting as the days go by. There are mutating monsters, ballistic targeting, and so much more. You must strategize on how to deal with threats such as mist concealment, ranged cannons, charging foes, and plenty more! In Phoenix Point you must face off with and defeat the aliens and reclaim this world from these invaders.

Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine is a tactical strategy game developed by Creativeforge Games. Set in the Cold War, you and your team of spies must infiltrate, exterminate, and counter the enemy spy network. With a major emphasis on secrecy, and vagueness you will have to put together clues from documents and information you collect as you and your team go through the enemy’s plans, using strategy and intelligence to plan your way accordingly.

Choices such as stopping a rival agents mission, or tailing them back to their home base is just one of the decisions you will have to make in this espionage masterpiece. With complex strategy Artificial Intelligence, and elaborate objectives, Phantom Doctrine is one for you to play, and sink dozens of hours into.


Battletech is a turn-based strategy video game set in a SciFi universe, where the ‘Arno restoration’ is taking place. Kamea Arno is the leader of your empire, searching to reclaim the territories lost to her wretched usurping uncle. In Battletech, you will find a great dependence on random numbers generator, (or RNG) dictating how many hits of yours will actually land where you want them to land. This could mean that you get killed in a single shot, while throwing hundreds of shots at your opponent. The joy of Battletech is its giant mechs that you run around with. Taking on enemy mechs with your squad, you are given a long list of missions to unlock and complete, all to upgrade your own mech along the way to reclaiming the empire.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Inspired by a Swedish board game, Mutant Year Zero, , is a tactical turn-based strategy game, focusing on timing, planning, and strategy, that integrates mutation. There are plenty of scouting and surveillance features, which add some unique mechanics to the game that keep it fresh and exciting. In the mutations skill set, you will have plenty of options to use and experience for your own gain, wacky abilities that will bring you to be the strongest. With a post apocalyptic setting, you and a bunch of mutated animals and people must band together to struggle for survival in this deranged world.

Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus

Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus  is developed by Bulwark Studios, and published by Kasedo Games. It is a turn based tactical strategy game, set with a faction of machine fused humanoids who believe in a spiritual doctrine surrounding technology. Mechanicus is pleasantly surprising in its quality, equaling it among many of the titles mentioned earlier. You must form your squad before you continue on with each mission, and look through a set of bonuses that will help you as continue through each mission. There are worlds for you to explore, and dungeons you must plan to go through carefully and delicately.


As you can see, there are a ton of great games that are similar to XCOM. The XCOM franchise might be one of your favorites, but these other titles will certainly bring you close.

What’s your favorite games like XCOM?

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