5 Best Android Strategy Games

Alexander, Khan, Napoleon, MacArthur.  We all desire to be military geniuses. To prove our brilliance with might and the blood of victory.  Strategy games are a great way to test your wits against other and sharpen your problem solving skills.  Sometimes it is just plain fun to see things explode and know you destroyed someone else’s hard work. These 5 best strategy games will give you a large variety to test your wits and enjoy the sweet taste of victory.   

Clash of Clans

  Clash of Clans is a town building, Barbarian clashing game.  You start by building up your town in the best defensive way possible and gaining new troops to use to attack others bases.  You have to think offensively and defensively. Being crafty to create the kind of base that destroys other people’s troops and seeing them not making it past your first set of defenses, their hopes and dreams shattered on your walls, gives such a great sense of satisfaction.

 On the other side, creating the perfect army and bombarding the enemy, finding the weakness in their base and decimating their picturesque base is an adrenaline pumping high. Great troops that allow for frontal attacks, air and even underground fronts creates a lot of options and ways to attack and things you need to remember as you build your own base.  Then creating a clan with your friends, dueling friends in friendly battles, and devising strategies with them for attacking other clans means that you don’t have to play this game alone. This is one of those gems that can be played for years with something new always around the corner.

Download it now: Google Play

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

   Star Wars movies may be dividing fans right now with arguments if Disney has destroyed the franchise or not, but this game is a great way for you to enjoy all your favorite characters again.  There are so many fronts to this game. It is truly a strategy paradise. There are so many different types of teams, specializations, and battle fronts. It is a varied as the Star Wars universe itself.  Joining a guild allows you to participate in group activities and gain other characters to join your squads. This is one of the most challenging strategy games that I have played with so much to consider and learn.  It is also one of those games that you can play for years. This game does require a substantial time commitment each day to play competitively though.

Download it now: Google Play

War Dragons

  Dragons destroying towns at your command.  Who doesn’t think that is cool? This game is a town building, dragon breeding, war game.  You can play with friends in a guild where you can chat in real time. You breed new dragons to create a more powerful army.  You build up your base to brace against the attacks of other enemies and guilds. Fantastic chances to grow in rank and become one of the top dragon lords in the game.  But the best part is watching your massive dragons and their wings beat the air, soaring gracefully raining down fire, lightning and other devistations upon the homes of your enemies.  

Download it now: Google Play


Conquer planets with your armed forces.  This game is strategy at it’s best, strategy stripped to its bare bones.  It is a game where numbers matter and knowing when to move and when not to move are paramount.  There are a small number of diversion tactics available to help. It is built to be a relaxing and cerebral experience.  With over 150 levels and tons of twists, there is always a new challenge to be found. You can fight against others in the the online multiplayer.  

Download it now: Google Play


  Another tactical real time strategy game in space.  But this one is on a grid so that you can strategically can create safe places and build up your defenses deeper and deeper as you push into your enemy’s territory.  To mix things up there are abilities to choose from that give your a drastic change in your game play. You can play against friends (up to 5) to find out which is the strategic genius amongst you.   

Download it now: Google Play


Whether you like battling in ships among the stars, or controlling fanciful armies on terrafirma there are some great strategy games out there that allow you to build your army and kingdom for years to come.  The question is do you have the wits and the tactics to survive in this dog eat dog world? We will find out shortly. See you on the battlefield!

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